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<A words>

Acarapis woodi - Adult Tarsonemoidea

Acarina (Medical) - Mites

Adult Ticks - 3 species

Aedes aegypti - Adult

Aedes aegypti - Larva

Aedes aegypti queenslandensis - Adult


Aedes africanus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes albopictus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes camptorhynchus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes geniculatus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes leutocephalus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes niveus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes poicilius - Adult Culicidae

Aedes polynesiensis - Adult Culicidae

Aedes scapularis - Adult Culicidae

Aedes scutellaris - Adult Culicidae

Aedes serratus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes spp. - 3 species distinctions

Aedes spp. - Adult leg & abdomen scales

Aedes stimulans - Larva

Aedes taeniorhynchus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes taylori - Adult Culicidae

Aedes thibaulti - Adult Culicidae

Aedes togoi - Adult Culicidae

Aedes triseriatus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes vittatus - Adult Culicidae

Aedes taeniorhynchus-2 - Adult Culicidae

Aedes vexans - Adult male & female

Aedes vigilax - Adult Culicidae

Aedeomyia furfurea - Adult Culicidae

Aedeomyia catastica - Adult Culicidae

African Tick-Bite Fever

Amblyomma americanum - Adult Ixodidae

Amblyomma cajennense - Ixodidae adults

Amblyomma hebraeum - Adult Ixodidae

Amblyomma maculatum - Adult Ixodidae

Amblyomma sp. - Adult male Ixodidae

Amblyomma variegatum -Adult Ixodidae

Anabrus simplex - Adult Tettigoniidae

Anopheles aconitus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles albimanus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles albitarsis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles annularis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles anthropophagus - Adult


Anopheles aquasalis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles amictus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles atroparvus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles atropos - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles bancroftii - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles barberi - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles barberi - Wing photo

Anopheles bellator - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles barbirostris - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles campestris - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles coustani - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles crucians - Wing photo

Anopheles culicifacies - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles darlingi - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles dirus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles earlei - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles earlei - Wing photo

Anopheles farauti - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles flavirostris - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles fluviatilis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles franciscanus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles freeborni - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles funestus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles gambiae - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles gambiae - Wing

Anopheles hyrcanus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles koliensis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles jeyporiensis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles labranchiae - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles  letifer - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles leucosphyrus -Adult Culicidae

Anopheles maculatus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles maculipalpus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles melas - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles merus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles minimus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles  nigerrimus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles nuneztovari - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles pseudopunctipennis - Adult


Anopheles punctimacula -Adult Culicidae

Anopheles punctipennis -Adult Culicidae

Anopheles punctipennis - Larva

Anopheles punctipennis - Wing photo

Anopheles punctulatus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles quadrimaculatus -Adult Culicidae

Anopheles quadrimaculatus -Wing photo

Anopheles sacharovi - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sacharovi #2-Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sergentii - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sinensis - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sp. - Larva Feeding

Anopheles splendidus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles spp. - Larva mouthparts

Anopheles spp. - Larval structures

Anopheles spp. - Pupa

Anopheles spp. - Terminal abdomen

Anopheles spp. (6) - Wing Photos

Anopheles spp. -Larval spiracles, pecten

Anopheles stephensi - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles stephensi #2 - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles subpictus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles splendidus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles sundaicus - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles walkeri - Adult Culicidae

Anopheles walkeri - Wing drawing

Anopheles walkeri - Wing photo

Anophelinae Genera Key

Anophelinae spp. - Pupal Chaetotaxy

Anophelinae spp. - Wing scales

Anophelini Genus sp. - Adult Culicidae

Anthocoridae - Orius spp.

Antricola sp. - Adult Argasidae

Apatolestes sp. - Tabanidae adult

Aponomma concolor - Adult Ixodidae

Anopheles arabiensis - Adult Culicidae

Arachnida (Medical) - Spiders, Scorpions,

     Mites, Ticks

Arachnida (expanded)

Arachnida & Acarina ID Key

Argasidae - example Acarina

Argas persicus - Female (2 views)

Argas reflexus - Adult Argasidae

Argas vespertilionis #1 - Adult Argasidae

Argas vespertilionis #2  - Adult Argasidae

Arilus cristatus  - Adult Reduviidae

Armigeres subalbatus - Adult Culicidae

Armillifer armillatus - Larva

Arthropoda - Insects, spiders, centipedes

Arthropoda (expanded)

Atrichopogon sp. - Male & Female

Attagenus piceus - Adult Dermestidae

Atylotus sp. - Tabanidae adult

Auchmeromyia luteola - Adult+Larva


Auchmeromyia senegalensis - Adult

     Congo  Maggot

Australian "Q" Fever - Disease

Australian "Q" Fever - Life Cycle

Australian Bush Fly Scourge - Annoyance

Austrosimulium sp. - Adult

Avicularia sp. - Tarantula spider


<B words>

Bernacus grisus - Adult waterbug

Biological Control (of Pests)

Black Widow Spider-Latrodectus mactans

Blatella germanica - German roach

Blatella orientalis - Oriental roach

Blattaria spp. - Cockroach images

Blattaria - Cockroaches

Blattaria ID Key

Blister beetle - Zonabris pustalata

Boophilus annulatum - Adult Ixodidae

Boophilus microplus - Adult Ixodidae

Boophilus sp. - Adult Ixodidae

Boutonneuse Fever - Disease

Browntail Moth - Euproctis phaeorrhora

Bullis Fever - Disease


<C words>

Caccobius sp. - Adult Scarabaeidae

Caliphoridae - (Blowflies)

Calliphora livida - Adult

Calliphora viridescens - Head

Calliphora viridescens - Frontal lunule

Calliphora viridescens - Thorax

Calliphora viridescens - Wing

Calliphora viscina - Adult

Calliphora vomitoria - Adult bluebottle fly

Callitroga (Cochliomyia) americana -

     Adult screwworm

Canestrinidae Genus sp. - Adult


Canthariasis - Disease

Capitulum - Dermacenter andersoni

Cediopsylla simplex - Rabbit flea

Centepede - Scolopendra obscura

Ceratophyllus gallinae - Hen flea

Ceratopogonidae (Heleidae) (Punkies,


Ceratopogonidae ID Key

Chagas Disease

Chagasia bathana - Adult  Anophelini

Chagasia bathana - Larva Anophelini

Chaoborinae Genus sp. - Adult

Chaoborinae - Larvae

Chikungunya Disease

Chloropidae - (Eye gnats)

Chorioptes bovis - Adult Sarcoptidae

Chrysomya albiceps - Adult Calliphoridae

Chrysomya bezziana - Calliphoridae Adults

Chrysomya chloropyga - Adult Calliphoridae

Chrysomya macellaria- Adult Calliphoridae

Chrysomya marginalis - Adult Calliphoridae

Chrysomya rafifacies - Adult Calliphoridae

Chrysops discalis - Adult

Chrysops distinctipennis - Adult Tabanidae

Chrysops sp. - Tabanidae adult

Chrysops univittatus - Head Front

Cimex hemipterus - Adult Cimicidae

Cimex lectularius - abdomen

Cimex lectularius,  #2 - Adult bedbug

Cimex pilosellus - Adult Cimicidae

Cimex pipistrelli - Adult Cimicidae

Cimexopsis nyctalis - Adult Cimicidae

Clogmia sp. - Psychodinae adult moth

Cnemidocoptes sp. - Adult Sarcoptidae

Cochliomyia hominivorax - Adult

Colorado Tick Fever - Disease

Colorado Tick Fever - Life Cycle

Comstock, John H. - Researcher

Coquillettidia linealis - Adult Culicidae

Coquilletttidia perturbans - Adult Culicidae

Cordylobia anthropophaga - Adult

     Tumbu  fly

Cordylobia anthropophaga - Adult

Coreidae - Wing

Covid-19 Virus Disease

Crimean-Congo Fever - Disease

Crustacea (Medical)

Crustacea (expanded)

Cruz, Oswaldo - Researcher

Ctenocephalides felis - Cat flea

Ctenocephalides sp. - Adult flea

Ctenocephaldes canis - Dog flea

Ctenophthalmus pseudargytes - Small

     mammal flea

Culex annulatus - Adult Culicidae

Culex annulirostris - Adult Culicidae

Culex erraticus - Adult Culicidae

Culex fatigans - Adult Culicidae

Culex fuscanus - Adult Culicidae

Culex gelidus - Adult Culicidae

Culex modestus - Adult Culicidae

Culex nigripalpus - Adult Culicidae

Culex nigripalpus - Adult Culicidae

Culex pallidothorax - Adult Culicidae

Culex pipiens - Adult Culicidae

Culex pipiens - Larva Culicidae

Culex pseudovishnui - Adult Culicidae

Culex quinquefasciatus - Adult Culicidae

Culex salinarius - Adult Culicidae

Culex sinensi - Adult Culicidae

Culex spp. - Tarsus tip

Culex taeniopus - Adult Culicidae

Culex tarsalis - Adult Culicidae

Culex tritaeniorhynchus - Adult Culicidae

Culex univittatus - Adult Culicidae

Culex vishnui - Adult Culicidae

Culex whitmorei - Adult Culicidae

Culicidae - (Mosquitoes)

Culicidae ID Key

Culicinae female - Mouthparts

Culicinae Genus sp. - Adult

Culicinae spp. - Larva

Culicini Genera ID Key-Adults

Culicini Genera ID Key-Larvae

Culicini Genus sp. - Adult

Culicoides dovei - Life Stages

Culicoides furens - Adult Ceratopogonidae

Culicoides milnei - Adult Culicidae

Culicoides pulicaris - Head & Mouthparts

Culicoides sp. - Adult & Larva

Culicoides sp. - Adult Ceratopogonidae

Culiseta inornata - Adult Culicidae

Culiseta melanura - Adult Culicidae

Cuterebra buccata - 2nd Stage Larva

Cyclops sp. - Adult with eggs

Cynomya cadaverina - Adult

Culiseta morsitans - Adult Culicidae

<D words>

Dasyhelea sp. - Adult Ceratopogonidae

Deinocerites cancer - Adult Culicidae

Demodex brevis - Adult Demodicidae

Demodex folliculorum2 - Adult Demodicidae

Dengue Fever - Disease

Dengue Fever - Life Cycle

Demodicoidea (Hair-follicle mites)

Dermacentor albipictus - Adult

Dermacentor andersoni - Adult male &

     female tick

Dermacentor andersoni -Female-2 views

Dermacentor andersoni - Male (2 views)

Dermacentor marginatus-Adult Ixodidae

Dermacentor occidentalis - Adult tick

Dermacentor occidentalis #2 - Adult


Dermacentor parumapertus - Adult


Dermacentor reticulatus -Adult Ixodidae

Dermacentor variabilis - Adult dog tick

Dermanyssidae - Chelicerae

Dermanyssus gallinae #1 - Adult


Dermanyssus gallinae #2 - Adult

Dermanyssus sanguineus - Adult

Dermatobia hominis - Human Botfly

Dermatophagoides farinae - Adult


Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus - Dust


Demodex sp. - Adult Acarina

Diachlorus sp. - Tabanidae adult

Diagnostic Keys

Diptera (Mosquitoes, Biting flies & Midges)

Diptera Families ID Key

Diptera Larvae- Larval Spiracular Plates

Diptera Larvae - Cephalopharyngea

"Discover" Home

Diseases & Vectors

Distinguish Mosquitos - Anopheles, Culex

     Aedes, Mansonia

Dixa nebulosa - Adult Dixidae

Dixella sp. - Larva

Dixidae sp. - Wing venation

Dolichopsyllidae Genus sp. - Adult flea


<E words>

Eastern Equine Encephalitis - Disease

Ebola Virus Disease

Echidnophaga gallinacea - Sticktight flea

Echinophthirius sp. - Adult Phthiraptera

Ehrlichiosis - Disease

Eretmapodites chrysogaster - Adult


Esenbeckia sp. - Tabanidae adult

Eupodoidea: Rhagidiidae Genus sp. -

     Adult Arachnid

Euproctis phaeorrhora - Urticating


Euroglyphus maynei-Adult Pyroglyphidae

Entrombicula alfreddugesii - Adult mite

Eutrombicula alfreddugesii - Tick


Eutrombicula batatas - Adult tick


<F words>

Fannia scalaris - Adult Muscidae

Fannia spp. - Adult & Larvae Muscidae

Fannia spp. - Distinction of Larvae

Ficalbia malfeyti - Adult Culicidae

Filariasis - Disease


Flea Male - Body Parts

Flea spp. - Mouthparts

Flies In Dwellings ID Key

Forcipomyia spp. - Adult Ceratopogonid


<G words>

Gambian Sleeping Sickness - Disease

Gasterophilidae Genus sp. - Adult

Gasterophilus spp. - Adults

Gasterophilus intestinalis-larval spiracles

Gasterophilus spp. - Larvae

Gastrophilus equi - Adult Gasterophilidae

General Index

Gigantodax cervicornis - Adult simuliid


Glossina fuscipes - Adult Glossinidae

Glossina longipennis - Adult Glossinidae

Glossina morsitans - Adult tsetse fly

Glossina morsitans #2 - Adult Glossinid

Glossina palpalis - Glossinidae Adults

Glossina pallidipes - Adult Glossinidae

Glossina tachinoides - Adult Glossinidae

Glossina spp. - Africa distribution

Glossina spp. - Reproductive system

Glossina spp. - Wings of tsetse flies

Goniops sp. - Tabanidae adult

Gorgas, W. C. - Researcher

Grasshopper Abdomen

Grasshopper Head

Grasshopper Mouthparts

Grasshopper Thorax

Grassi, G. - Researcher


<H words>

Haemaphysalis concinna  - Adult Ixodidae

Haemagogus equinus - Adult Culicidae

Haemagogus janthinomys - Adult Culicidae

Haemagogus leucocelaenus - Adult Culicidae

Haemagogus spegazzinii - Adult Culicidae

Haemagogus sp. - Adult Culicidae

Haemagogus spp.-Culicid Larva posterior

Haemaphysalis japonica - Adult Ixodidae

Haemaphysalis leachi - Adult Ixodidae

Haemaphysalis leporis-palustris - Adult

     Ixodidae ticks

Haemaphysalis sp. - Adult Ixodidae

Haematobia irritans - Adult Muscidae

Haematomyzus elephantis - Adult

Haematopinus suis - Adult Phthiraptera

Haematopota sp. - Tabanidae adult

Hair Follicle Mites - Infection

Hard & Soft Ticks-Comparisons

Hectopsyllidae- Tunga penetrans

Heleidae Genus sp. - Adult fly

Hemelytron - Hemiptera wing

Hemiptera (Bedbugs, Assassin bugs)

Hemiptera ID Key

Hermetia illucens - Adult Stratiomyiidae

Hexactenus ischnopsyllus - Adult flea

Hexapoda (medical)

Hexapoda (expanded)

Hippelates pusio - Life Stages of eye gnat

Hippoboscidae - (Mammal parasites)

Hodgesia sp. - Adult Culicidae

Home (Medical)

Hoplopsyllus anomalus Rodent flea

House Dust Mite - Allergy

Howard, Leland - Researcher

Hyalomma dromedari - Adult Ixodidae

Hyalomma marginatus-marginatum -

     Adult Ixodidae

Hyalomma rufipes - Male & Female Ixodidae

Hymenoptera (Bees, Wasps, Ants)

Hypoderma bovis - Adult fly

Hypoderma lineatum - Heel Fly

Hypoderma & Oestrus spp. - Larval spiracles

Hypothetical insect wing

Hystrichopsyllidae Genus sp. - Adult flea


<I words>

Identification Keys

Insect antennae - assorted

Insect Identification

Insect legs - Grasshopper & Housefly

Insect Morphology

Insect Orders ID Key

Insect Taxonomy

Integument of insect - generalized


Io Moth - Automerus io - Urticating larva

Irritating & Disease-Causing Arthropods

Ixodes & Dermacentor  - Mite structures

Ixodes cookei - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes holocyclus - Female Ixodidae

Ixodes holocyclus - Male & Female

Ixodes pacificus - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes persulcatus - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes pilosus - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes ricinus - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes ricinus-2 - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodes scapularis - Adult Ixodidae

Ixodoidea Ticks (Medical)


<J words>

Japanese Encephalitis - Disease

Japanese Encephalitis - Life Cycle


<K words>

Kyasanur Forest Disease


<L words>

Larus californicus - Seagull

Lasioderma serricorne - Adult Anobiidae

Lasiohelea (Forcipomyia) sp. - Adult


Laveran, C. L. A. - Researcher

Leishmaniasis & Sandflies - Disease

Leprosy - Disease

Leptocimex boueti - Adult Cimicidae

Leptoconops sp. - Adult sandfly

Leptocoris sp. - Coreidae wing            

Leptopsylla segnis - European mouse flea

Leptotrombidium sp. - Adult Trombiculidae  

Leptotrombidium sp. -Adult scrubtyphus


Lieshmania & Phlebotomus - Life Cycles

Liponyssoides sanguineus - Adult


Liponyssus bascoti - Adult mite

List of Illustrations

Listrophorus sp. - Adult Sarcoptoidea

Loiasis Disease

Loxoceles reclusa-Brown Recluse spider

Lucilia caesar - Adult Calliphoridae

Lucilia cuprina - Adult Calliphoridae

Lucilia illustrus - Adult Calliphoridae

Lucilia sericata - Adult Calliphoridae

Lucilia silvarum - Adult Calliphoridae

Lutzomyia longipalpis -Adult Psychodidae

Lutzomyia sp. - Adult Psychodidae

Lutzomyia trapidoi - Adult Psychodidae

Lutzomyia verrucarum - Adult Psychodidae   

Lygaeidae spp. -  Hemiptera bug

Lyme Disease - Disease characteristics

Lyme Disease - Life Cycle


<M words>

Malaria - Disease

Malaria incidence map - Year 1930

Manson, Patrick - Researcher

Mansonia indiana - Adult Culicidae

Mansonia spp. - Mosquito characters

Mansonia titillans - Adult Culicidae

Mansonia uniformis - Adult Culicidae

Mediterranean Spotted Fever - Disease

Megarhinini Toxorhynchites sp. - Adult

Megaselia scalaris - Adult Phoridae

Melanolestes abdominalis - Adult Reduviidae

Melanolestes picipes - Adult Reduviidae

Mesostigmata Genus sp. - Adult Acarina

Millipede - Spirobolus marginatus

Miridae - Hemiptera Genus spp.

Misc Arboviruses - Diseases

Morellia aenescens - Adult Muscidae

Mosquito - Basic Adult Structures

Mosquito eggs - Assorted

Mosquito heads - Culex & Anopheles

Mosquito mouthparts - Female adult

Mosquito pupae - Anopheles & Aedes

Mosquitos resting- Anopheles & Culex

Mosquito thorax - assorted

Mosquito wing - Anopheles walkeri

Musca autumnalis - Adult Muscidae

Musca domestica - Adult Muscidae

Musca domestica - Life Stages

Musca domestica - Wing

Musca pascuorum - Adult Muscidae

Musca vomitoria - Adult Muscidae

Muscidae - (Housefly, Stablefly, Bushfly)

Muscina assimilis - Adult Muscidae

Muscina pascuorum - Adult Muscidae

Muscina stabulans - Female Muscidae

Myiasis Causing Flies

Myiasis-causing Flies ID Key

Myiospila sp. - Adult muscid fly


<N words>

Nabidae spp. - Hemiptera bugs

Neobisium sp. - Adult Pseudoscorpion

Nycteribiidae Genus sp. - Adult

Nosopsyllus fasciatus - Rat flea adult

Nosopsyllus fasciatus - Stages of rat flea

North American Anophelines ID Key- Adults

North American Anophelines ID Key- Larvae

Notoedres cati - Adult Sarcoptidae

Notonectidae spp. - Hemiptera

Nuttall, G. H. - Researcher

<O words>

Ochlerotatus canadensis -Adult Culicidae

Ochlerotatus sollicitans - Adult Culicidae

Oeciacus vicarius - Adult Cimicidae

Oestridae - (Warble- & Bot flies)

Oestridae ID Key

Oestrus ovis - Sheep Nose Fly

Omsk Haemorrhagic Fever - Disease

Onchocerciasis - Disease

Onthophagus bifasciatus - Adult


Onthophagus unifasciatus - Adult


Orders & Families (Arthropods)

Ornithodoros brasiliensis - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros coriaceus - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros hermsi - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros moubata - Adult argasid mite

Ornithodoros moubata - dorsal, ventral

Ornithodoros parkeri - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros lahorensis -Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros rostratus - Adult Argasid

Ornithodoros savignyi - Adult argasid

Ornithodoros talaje - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros tholozani - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros turicata - Adult Argasidae

Ornithodoros spp.- Adult comparisons

Ornithonyssus bacoti - Adult Mesostigmata

Ornithonyssus bursa - Adult Mesostigmata

Oropsylla montana -Ground Squirrel flea

Orthopodomyia milloti - Adult Culicidae

Orthopodomyia signifera -Adult Culicidae

Orthoptera - Grasshoppers, Crickets

Orthoptera ID Key

Otobius megnini - Adult Argasidae

Otobius sp. - Adult Argasidae


<P words>

Pangstrongylus megistus - Adult


Parasitoidea (Medical)

Pediculidae Genus sp. - Phthiraptera

Pediculus capitis - Adult Phthiraptera

Pediculus humanus - Adult Phthiraptera

Pediculus humanus - Mouthparts

Pediculus humanus - Structures

Pediculoides ventricosus - Adult

Pedipalpida Genus sp. - Adult

Pentastomida (Tongue Worms)

Periplaneta americana - Adult American


Periplaneta australasiae - Australian


Phlebotominae Genus sp. - Adult

Phlebotomus argentipes - Adult Psychodidae

Phlebotomus papatasi - Adult Psychodidae

Phlebotomus papatassi - Life Stages

Phlebotomus perniciosus - Adult


Phlebotomus sergenti - Adult Psychodidae

Phlebotomus verrucarum - Adult

Phlebotomus sergenti - Mouthparts

Phlebotomus & Psychoda - Wings

Phormia regina - Female fly

Phthiraptera (Anoplura)- Biting-Sucking lice

Phthiraptera ID Key

Phthiraptera (Anoplura) - Eggs on hair

Phthirus pubis - Female Phthiraptera

Pieris brassicae - Adult Pieridae

Piophila casei - Adult Piophylidae

Piophila sp. - Piophilidae adult

Piratinae-Melanolestes picipes - Adult

Piratinae-Rasahus biguttatus- Adult

Plasmodium vivax - Life Cycle

Poecilocapsus sp. - Miridae wing

Poisonous & Irritating Arthropods

Poliomyelitis - Disease

Pollenia rudis - Adult Muscidae

Porocephalus clavatus - Adult

Prosimulium sp. - Adult Simuliid

Prostigmata Genus spp. - Adult Acarina

Protocalliphora azurea - Adult

Protophomia pterraenovae - Adult

Psorophora ciliata - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora columbiae - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora confinnis - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora cyanescens - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora discolor - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora ferox - Adult Culicidae

Psorophora ferox #2 - Adult Culicidae

Psoroptes communis - Adult mite

Psoroptes communis - Chelicerae

Psoroptes communis - Tarsal sucker

Psychoda albipennis - Adult Psychodidae

Psychodidae - (Midges, Sand flies)

Ptinus tectus - Adult Ptinidae

Pulex irritans - Flea of Humans

Pulicidae Genus sp. - Adult flea

Pyemotes tritici - Adult Pyemotidae

Pyrausta nubilalis - Adult Crambidae

Pyrausta nubilasis - Crambidae larva

Pyrellia rapax - Adult fly

Pyrellia vivida - Adult fly


<Q words>

"Q" Fever (Australian)

"Q" Fever - Life Cycle


<R words>

Rasahus biguttatus - Adult Reduviidae

Rasahus biguttatus - Adult (drawing)

Rasahus thoracicus - Adult Reduviidae

Reduviidae-3 species - Hemiptera Adults

Reduvius personatus-2 - Adult

Reduvius personatus - Adult Reduviidae

Reduviinae-Reduvius personatus - Adult

Reed, Walter - Researcher

Relapsing Fever - Disease

Researchers (reknown)

Rhagionidae - (Snipe flies)

Rhagidiidae Genus sp. - Adult Arachnid

Rhipicephalus sanguineus - Adult Ixodidae

Rhodesia Sleeping Sickness - Disease

Rhodnius prolixus - Adult Reduviidae

Rhodnius sp. - Adult Reduviidae

Rhyphus fenestralis - Adult Anisopodidae

Ricketts, Howard - Researcher

Rift Valley Fever - Disease

Rocky Mountain Fever - Disease

Rocky Mountain Fever - Life Cycle

Rhodnius prolixus - Adult Triatomid

Rhodnius sp. - Adult Triatomid

Rickettsiae - Disease

Ross, Ronald - Researcher

Russian Tick Encephalitis - Disease

Russian Tick Encephalatis - Life Cycle


<S words>

Sabethes chloropterus - Adult Culicidae

Sabethes spp. - Larva Culicid posterior

Sabethes spp. - Mosquito recognition

Sabethini Wyeomyia sp. - Adult Culicidae

Sandfly Fevers - Diseases

Sarcophaga bullata - Adult Sarcophagidae

Sarcophaga carnaria - Adult Sarcophagidae

Sarcophaga haemorrhoidalis - Adult


Sarcophaga sarraceniae - Adult


Sarcophagidae - (Flesh flies)

Sarcoptes scabiei - Adult female mite

Sarcoptes scabiei - Male & female

Sarcoptoidea - Parasitic Mites

Scabies - Allergy

Scoleciasis - Disease

Scorpion spp. - General body structure

Scrub Typhus - Disease

Sepsidae Genus sp. - Adult wasp

Silvius sp. - Tabanidae adult

Simuliidae - (Black flies, Buffalo gnats)

Simuliidae ID Key

Simuliidae spp. - Larvae & Pupae

Simulium arcticum -Adult male & female

Simulium colombasehensis - Adult

Simulium damnosum - Adult fly

Simulium exiguum - Adult Simuliidae

Simulium guianense - Adult Simuliidae

Simulium metallicum - Adult Simuliidae

Simulium ochraceus - Adult Simuliidae

Simulium oyapockense -Adult Simuliidae

Simulium vittatum - Adult fly

Simulium vittatum - Hind Leg

Siphonaptera (Medical) - Fleas

Siphonaptera ID Key

Siphonaptera sp.-Adult flea morphology

Siphonaptera spp.  Genera

Siphonaptera spp. - Lateral Head views

Site Description

Staphylinidae - Creophilus maxillosus

Stenotabanus sp. - Tabanidae adult

Stereotydeus sp. - Adult Acarina

St. Louis Encephalitis - Disease

St. Louis Encephalatis - Life Cycle

Stomoxys calcitrans - Adult stable fly

Stomoxys calcitrans - Mouthparts

Stomoxys & Glossina-Head comparisons

Stonemyia sp. - Tabanidae adult

Streblidae Genus sp. - Adult wasp

Subfamilies & Tribes of Culicidae

Supella supellectilum - Brown banded


Symphoromyia atripes - Adult snipe fly

Synthesiomyia sp. - Adult Muscidae


<T words>

Tabanidae -- (Horse- & Deer flies)

Tabanidae ID Key

Tabanidae spp. - Adult flies

Tabanidae - Head (Sagittal Cut)

Tabanidae - Larva & Pupa

Tabanidae spp. - Fly Larvae

Tabanus atratus - Adult male & female

Tabanus bovinus - Adult Culicidae

Tabanus sp. - Tabanidae adult

Tarantula - Avicularia sp. Spider

Tarsonemoidea (Itch mites)

Tenebrio molitor - Adult Tenebrionidae

Tenebrio molitor  - Tenebrionidae larva

Theobald, F. V. - Researcher

Thysanura spp. - bristletails, firebrats,


Tick Borne Diseases

Tick Paralysis - Disease

Tick Typhus - Disease

Tick Typhus - Life Cycle

Toxorhynchites brevipalpis - Adult Culicidae

Toxorhynchites sp. - Adult mosquito

Toxorhynchites - Male & female heads

Triatoma dimidiata - Adult Reduviidae

Triatoma infestans - Adult Reduviidae

Triatoma protracta - Adult Reduviidae

Triatoma sanguisuga - Adult Reduviidae

Triatominae Genus sp.-Adult Reduviidae

Triphleps sp. - Anthocoridae wing

Trombicula akamushi - Larva

Trombicula autumnalis - Adult


Trombiculidae - Life Cycle

Trombidiidae Genus sp. - Adult


Trombidoidea (Chiggers)

Trypanosomiasis - Disease

Tubifera tenax - Adult & Larva

Tularemia - Disease

Tunga penetrans - Jigger flea adult

Tunga penetrans - Gravid female flea

Tyroglyphoidea (Mite Dermatitis)

Tyroglyphus longior var. castellani -

     Adult Tyroglyphoidea


<U words>

Uranotaenia mashonaensis - Adult Culicidae


<V words>

Vector Identification

Venezuela Equine Encephalatis - Disease


<W words>

West Nile Encephalitis - Disease

West Nile Virus - Life Cycle

Western Equine Encephalitis

Wing venation systems - Diptera

Wohlfahrtia magnifica - Adult

Wohlfahrtia vigil - Fly Adult & Larva

Sabethini Wyeomyia sp. - adult


<X words>

Xenopsylla cheopis - Oriental rat flea


<Y words>

Yellow Fever in Africa Cycle

Yellow Fever in Neotropics Cycle

Yellow Fever Vectors

Yellow Fever Virus - Disease


<Z words>

Zika Virus Disease - Disease

Zika Virus - Life Cycle

Zika Virus - 2016 World Distribution

Zeugonomyia gracilis - Adult Culicidae

Zonabris pustalata - Adult blister beetle