Photographs by Mark Chappell

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Insects and spiders
all images © Mark Chappell
  • Click here for a slide show of my favorite arthropod photos
  • various insects
    robber fly
    katydid on coneflower
    katydid nymph
    dogbane leaf beetle
    green fly
    Darwin's beetle

    mourning cloak
    Argynnis aglaga
    small tortoiseshell
    tiger swallowtail
    pale swallowtail
    pipevine swallowtail
    queen butterfly
    morpho at rest
    red admiral
    Painted ladies
    Lorquin's admiral
    arrowhead blue
    Sierra blue
    square-spotted blue
    Melissa blue
    marine blue
    great copper
    sylvan hairstreak
    small tortiseshell
    peacock butterfly
    sagebrush checkerspot
    white-lined sphinx
    sphinx moth

    Bees and wasps
    native bee
    sunflower bee
    cactus bees
    carpenter bees
    Anthophorid bees
    honeybee hive
    Philanthus (?)
    Paper wasps

    Dragonflies and damselflies
    gray sanddragon
    white-belted ringtail
    russet-tipped clubtail
    brimstone clubtail
    olive clubtail
    plains clubtail
    Western pondhawk
    Easterm pondhawk
    great pondhawk
    Mexican amberwing
    wandering glider
    spot-winged glider
    variegated meadowhawk
    black meadowhawk
    band-winged meadowhawk
    saffron-winged meadowhawk
    cardinal meadowhawk
    black saddlebags
    red saddlebags
    striped saddlebags
    Halloween pennant
    red-tailed pennant
    marl pennant
    blue dasher
    blue-eyed darner
    California darner
    paddle-tailed darner
    giant darner
    green darner
    flame skimmer
    neon skimmer
    red rock skimmer
    roseate skimmer
    widow skimmer
    bleached skimmer
    hoary skimmer
    Comanche skimmer
    four-spotted skimmer
    eight-spotted skimmer
    twelve-spotted skimmer
    common whitetail
    desert whitetail
    dot-tailed whiteface
    band-winged dragonlet
    Pacific forktail
    desert forktail
    familiar bluet
    blue-ringed dancer
    powdered dancer
    vivid dancer
    emerald spreadwing

    Jumping spiders
    jumping spider
    jumping spider 2
    Habronattus pyrrithrix
    Phidippus spp.
    Bold jumping spider
    Phidippus octopunctatus
    Thiodina sylvana
    Thiodina hespera

    other spiders
    crab spider
    araneus face
    pink-toed tarantula
    Mexican fireleg
    greenbottle blue tarantula
    zebra tarantula
    black widows
    lynx spider
    Aliatypus janus
    Neoscona oaxacensis
    Neoscona crucifera
    golden garden spider
    banded argiope
    silver argiope
    orb spider
    golden silk orb-weaver
    ballooning spiders