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Dr. Erich Fred Legner

University of California



       It is often possible to gain some insight into human migrations from ancient place names in a particular area and the languages spoken there.  In addition, some of our languages are being regarded as “Invented” or “formulated” by linquists and clergy (see Invented).  Following are links to some of the research being performed with languages that may indicate prehistoric travels of people around the world and their origins.  However, recent research has revealed that the earliest known language was the West African or Igbo Language:  see Catherine Acholonu.


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Ainu / Basque Correlation


Alcuin's Activities in England


Alcuin's Activities in Germany


Basque & The Bible


Basque Associated With Eskimo


Basque / Hebrew Association


Benedictine Clergy


Biblical Names & History


Dravidian / Basque Association


Dutch Language Development


Early Human Society


English Language Development


Etymological English  Dictionary


Evolution of Human Languages


German Language Development



Greek Language Development


Hidden Meanings in English


Horse Creek Petroglyph (WV)


Indo-European Languages


Ireland's Ogam Inscriptions


Latin / Basque Association


Language & Human Migrations


Linear-B / Basque Association


Odysseus' Travels


Ogam Translations


Old Egyptian


Peterborough, Ontario Petroglyphs


Patriarchy's Rise


Rh-Negative Blood Types


Saharan Neolithic Language



Sanscript / Basque Association


Scotland's Ogam Inscriptions


Slavic Names Origin


Spanish Language Development


Sumerian Language Development


The Auraicept & Language


The Odyssey Reinterpreted


The Ogam Script


The Sea Peoples


Vowel-Consonant-Vowel Dictionary


What is Ogam?


Witches in Religion


World  Languages Classified


World Place names


Yiddish Language Development



   Other Subjects = Basque Place Names in America, Africa & The Pacific