Timema Discovery Project


Supplemental Resource Links


Timema data and information resources:

  • Wikipedia Timema Page (General Info)
  • BugGuide Timema Page (Photo Records)
  • iNaturalist Timema Records (Photos, Maps)
  • Phasmida Species File Timema Page (Taxonomy)
  • Wikispecies Timema Page (Taxonomy)
  • DiscoverLife Timema Page (Taxonomy, Maps and Specimen Data)
  • GBIF Timema Records (Specimen Data)
  • SCAN database interface (type "Timema" into "Taxonomic Criteria" field to retrieve data)

    Botanical data and information resources:

  • Calflora (Taxonomy, Maps and Specimen Data)

    Georeferencing resources:

  • Google Earth (Indispensable Tool)
  • USGS GNIS (Place name and geographic feature lookup)

    Relevant Federal Agency Guidelines:

  • National Parks Service Scientific Collecting Policy

    Content last updated March 2018