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This is the website for the Timema Discovery Project, an international crowdsourcing effort designed to involve members of the public in Timema research, through contributions of specimens and/or data that can be added to our collective pool of knowledge about this remarkable and fascinating group of insects.

This project website contains information about timemas, FAQs regarding contributing to the project, a key, an image gallery, information about the collaborating researchers, links to references on Timema research, and supplemental resources.

We are looking into creating a Project page on iNaturalist, but there are several details that need to be ironed out before we can make this work as intended; as soon as we can figure out how to resolve all of this, we do hope to arrange it so we can coordinate TDP records and messages through the iNaturalist interface.

For those of you connected to FaceBook, we are considering creating a project-specific FaceBook page, but as the aim is to reach as broad an audience as possible, for the time being we hope to use the existing FaceBook pages for BugGuide (HERE) and SW US Arthropods (HERE) as places where people can post photos and make information requests; these pages already have nearly 7000 subscribers, so they're well-established and very compatible with the TDP.

NOTE: SOME OF THE PAGES ARE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION! We are rolling out the website before it's completely finished because the active season for Timema is upon us already, and we need to get people mobilized as soon as possible! We hope to eventually include videos of mating behavior, and a collecting "How To" video. The key and gallery will take a while to put online, so please bear with us!

Feedback or Questions: dyanega@ucr.edu


Content last updated March 2018