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Words to Be Looked At: Language in 1960s Art (MIT Press, 2007)

Eileen Myles and Liz Kotz, eds., The New Fuck You (Semiotext(e) 1995)

Recent Articles & Catalogue Essays (*click on title to download PDF)

"Dark Rides" [Evan Holloway (Ridinghouse, 2012)]
"Make an object to be lost: multiples and minimalism" (on Judd, De Maria and Artschwager) [The Small Utopia: Ars multiplicata (Prada Foundation, 2012)]
"Bringing the War Home" [Omer Fast: 5000 Feet is the Best (Sternberg Press, 2012)]
"Projecting Cinema Otherwise, Via Judson Dance" [Kinematographische Räume: Filmische Ästhetik in Kunstinstallationen und inszenierter Fotografie (Fink Verlag, 2012) 42-58] German publication. [English text]
"Between Object and Image" [Anthony Pearson (David Kordansky Gallery, 2011) 4-15]
"Object, Action and Ephemera" [Concept Action Language: Pop-art, Fluxus, Nouveau Realism, Arte Povera (Mumok, 2010) 39-49]
"This is To Be Looked At" [Elad Lassry (JRP Ringier, 2010) 75-79]
"Marked Records/Program for Activity" [Christian Marclay: Festival (Whitney Museum, 2010) 10-21]
"Cagean Structures" [The Anarchy of Silence: John Cage and Experimental Art (MACBA, 2009) 118-135]
"Circuit and Score" [See This Sound: Promises in Sound and Vision (Kunstmuseum Lentos, 2009) 138-143]
"Sound in Space" [Max Neuhaus (Dia Art Foundation/Yale UP, 2009) 92-111]
"Live Through This" [Phil Collins: the world won’t listen (Dallas Museum/Yale UP, 2007) 56-65]"
"Language between Performance and Photography" [October 111 (Winter, 2005) 3-21]
"Video Projection: The Space Between Screens" [Art and the Moving Image (2004/2008) 371-385]
"Disciplining Expanded Cinema" [X-Screen: Film Installations and Actions (Mumok, 2003) 44-57]
"In the Stream of Life" [Lawrence Weiner: Until It Is (Wexner Center, 2002) unpaginated]
"Post-Cagean Aesthetics and the Event Score" [John Cage: October Files 12 (2001/2011) 101-140]
"Disintegrated Circuits: Rethinking the Score in the Postwar ‘Aesthetics of Indeterminacy"’ [Getty Research Institute, 2001]
"Damaged" (on Arbus and Winogrand) [The Social Scene (MoCA, 2000) 21-28]

Selected Shorter Texts and Reviews

"Back to Basics: Madison Brookshire and Tashi Wada at the wulf" [Texte zur Kunst 86 (2012) 249-252]
"Richard Hawkins, Hammer Museum" [Artforum (June 2011) 396-397]
"1000 Words: Robert Whitman talks about Passport 2011" [Artforum (April, 2011) 193-196]
"Archiving LACE" [LACE: Living the Archive (2011)]
"The Lure of Enigmatic Gestures" [New York Times, August
18, 2011]
"Palermo in Los Angeles" [Texte zur Kunst 81 (2011) 178-181]
"How Many Billboards?" [Texte zur Kunst 80 (2010) 146-149]
"Lutz Bacher, PS 1" [Artforum (December, 2009) 224-225]
"The Medium and the Messages" [Artforum (October 2009) 67-68] onhe book Words Without Pictures
"Open Source: Liz Kotz on Primary Information" [Artforum (March, 2009) 69-70]
"The Treachery of Images: Christopher Wool and Wade Guyton" [Parkett 83 (2008) 122-127]
"Lawrence Weiner: Louder Than Words" [Modern Painters (December 2007) 76-81]
"Golden Years" [Jack Pierson, Desire/Despair (Rizzoli, 2006) 17-20]
"An Aesthetics of the Index?" [Dia’s Andy (Dia Foundation, 2005) 88-93]
"Lutz Bacher: Closed Circuit" [CTRL[SPACE]: Rhetorics of Surveillance (MIT Press, 2002) 620-623]

Selected Older Texts

"Looks, Gazes, Styles" [Documents 16 (1999) 20-25] on a project by Collier Schor
"Amy Adler at Margo Levin Gallery' [Documents 15 (1999) 47-51]
"Jill Johnston, Marmelade Me" [Women’s Review of Books XV:10-11 (1998) 19-20]
"Amy Adler" [Where is Your Rupture? Swiss Institute, 1998]
"Lutz Bacher" [Where is Your Rupture? Swiss Institute, 1998]
"Marlene McCarty" [Where is Your Rupture? Swiss Institute, 1998]
"Aesthetics of ‘Intimacy"’ (On Goldin, Morrisroe and Pierson) [The Passionate Camera (Routledge, 1998) 204-215]
"Amy Adler: Surrogates" [ Art + Text 61 (1998) 28-31]
"Hannah Wilke/Carolee Schneemann" [Texte zur Kunst 25 (1997) 110-116] German only
"Rosemarie Trockel at Nolan/Eckman Gallery" [Texte zur Kunst 23 (1996) 175-177] German only
"Photography and the Portrait Tradition" [Persona (Renaissance Society/Kunsthalle Basel, 1996)]
"Roundtable on Feminist Artmaking and Questionnaire Response" [October 71 (1995) 26-27, 46-69]
"Video: Process and Duration" [Acting-Out: The Body in Video (Royal College of Art, 1994) 17-26]
"Beyond the Pleasure Principle" [Lusitania 6 (1994) 125-136]
"Zoe Leonard: Taxidermic Aesthetics" [World Art 11 (1994) 40-44]
"Lutz Bacher's Excruciating Intimacy" [Atlantica 7 (1994) 157-162] [Spanish text]
"Nan Goldin, The Other Side" [World Art (May 1994) 98-99]
"Erotics of the Image" [Art Papers (November 1994) 16-21] on Amy Adler, Monica Majoli and Catherine Opie
"Complicity: Women Artists Investigating Masculinity" [Dirty Looks (BFI, 1993) 101-123]
"An Unrequited Desire for the Sublime" [Queer Looks (Routledge, 1993) 86-102]
"The Fraternal Feminine" [Artforum (December 1993) 13]
"Openings: Nicole Eisenman" [Artforum (October 1993) 86]
"Whitney Biennial: Video Drone" [Artforum (May 1993) 15-16]
"The Body You Want: An Interview with Judith Butler" [Artforum (November 1992) 82-89]
"Lutz Bacher: Sex With Strangers" [Artforum (September 1992) 83-85]
"Interview with Yvonne Rainer" [The Advocate (October 22, 1991) 82-85]
"The Films of Amos Gitai" [Cinematograph 4 (1991) 101-110]
"Zoe Leonard at Trans-Avantgarde Gallery," "Kiki Smith at Matrix" [Shift 12 (1991) 74-78]
"Lutz Bacher, ‘Men in Love’" [Shift 5, no. 1 (1991) xx]
"Questions of Third Cinema" [Afterimage (December 1990) 16]
"Striptease East and West: Sexual Representation in Documentary Film" [Framework 38 (1992) 47-63]
"Trinh T. Minh-ha, Woman, Native, Other" [The Independent (December 1989) 21-22]
"Unofficial Stories: Documentaries by Latinas and Latin American Women" [The Independent (May 1989) 21-27]
"Crises of Language and Difference" [Afterimage (November 1989) 3, 20-21]
"Interrogating the Boundaries of Women's Art: New Work in Video by Four Women" [High Performance 48 (1989) 36-41] onCecilia Dougherty, Azian Nurudin, Leslie Singer and Valerie Soe
"Interview with Lilith Video in Brazil" [Cine Acción News 4.2 (1988) 2, 8]
"Interview with Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda" [Cine Acción News 3.2 (1987) 3-4]

"An Interview with Liz Kotz" [Octopus 4, 2008]

Catalogues and Other Materials

Trespassing (LACE, 1992) an exhibition at LACE with Enrique Chagoya, Julie Murray and rigo
Exhausted Autumn (LACE 1991) a catalogue on th work of Tony Greene, with contributions by Dodie Bellamy, Dennis Cooper, Fred Fehlau, Robert Gluck, Richard Hawkins, Millie Wilson and others
Re-Mapping Boundaries: Video and Popular Culture (Artists Space, 1991)
Situation: Lesbian and Gay Arts (New Langton Arts, 1991) curated by Nayland Blake and Pam Gregg
How Can They Be So Sure? (LACE, 1990) exhibition of work by Lutz Bacher, Doug Ischar, Margaret Crane/Jon Winet, Hilliary Leone/Jennifer MacDonald
Dear World (San Francisco 1990) edited by Nayland Blake and Camille Roy, with contributions by Dorothy Allison, Dodie Bellamy, Abigail Childm Dennis Cooper, Bob Flanagan, Richard Hawkins, Kevin Killian, Liz Kotz, Matias Viegener and others
Bloatstick (San Francisco, 1988) edited byAaron Noble, with contributions by Liz Kotz, Scott MacLeod, Michael Peppe, Leslie Singer, Marshall Webber and others