• "Chemists at the UC Riverside

    fabricate novel rewritable paper"

  • Michael Janner

    "Photonic Labyrinths"

  • Tri Pham

    "What is the Color of Silver?"

  • Nida Shaikh

    "Fabrication of Microstructures"

  • "Magnetically Tunable

    Photonic Crystals"

  • "Magnetically Tunable Photonic Liquid

    in Response to a Fridge Magnet"

  • "Magnetically Actuated

    Liquid Crystals -1"

  • "Magnetically Actuated

    Liquid Crystals -2"

  • Daniel Park

    "Synthesis of Ag Nanoparticles"

  • Shelly See

    "Synthesis of Iron Oxide"

  • Noemi Garcia

    "Synthesis of Lithium Titanate"

  • Sandy Wong

    "Synthesis of 2D Gold Nanoplates"

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