Zhong Research Group
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Group Activities
Year 2022
ETOX Distinguished Mentor Award 2022.06.13

Year 2021
Kaizhu's dissertation 2021.07

Farewell for Kaizhu 2021.06

Big Bear Trip 2021.06

Year 2019
Farewell lunch for Jiwon 2019.12

Farewell dinner for Yongzan and Jiwon 2019.09

ACS Fall 2019 National Meeting (Left to Right: Dr. Wen, Qiaoshi, Kaizhu, Brent, Michael, Dr. Zhong)

Farewell lunch for Yaokai 2019.05

Pittcon 2019 (Left to Right: Jiwon, Luis, Kaizhu, Roxana)

Year 2018
Luis Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony

Sabrina gave a speech at the graduate ceremony

Year 2017

Farewell barbecue for Yumin and Hua 2017.10.8

Group pictures 2017

Group photos 9.2017

Pittcon 2017 (Left to Right: Yumin, YaoKai, Yang, Luis, Jiwon, Ju Yong)

Year 2014
41st Annual NOBCChE Conference (Left to Right: Ken, Jon, Dr. Cato T. Laurencin, Marissa, Luis)

At the Devil's Chair in Angeles National Forest (Left to Right: Yaokai, Luis, Marissa, Josh, Jiwon)

Marissa presenting poster at 41st Annual NOBCChE Conference

Ken presenting at 41st Annual NOBCChE Conference

Year 2011
Ni Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony

Ni Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony

At Pittcon 2011

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