Associate Professor

University of California, Riverside

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Housing Economics

West Coast Search and Matching Workshop

California Macroeconomics Conference


Unemployment History and Frictional Wage Dispersion

Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 78, April 2016, 5-22


Loss of Skill during Unemployment and TFP Differences across Countries

European Economic Review, Vol. 100, 2017, pp 215-235


The Cyclical Behavior of Unemployment and Vacancies with Loss of Skills during Unemployment

Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 21(6), 2017, 1277-1304


Differences in Skill Loss During Unemployment Across Industries and Occupations

Economics Letters, Vol. 161, 2017, 31-33


The Cyclical Behavior of the Beveridge Curve in the Housing Market, with Miroslav Gabrovski

Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 181, 2019, 361-381


Search and Credit Frictions in the Housing Market, with Miroslav Gabrovski

European Economic Review, Vol. 134, 2021, 103699


Working Papers

"Endogenous TFP, Labor Market Policies and Loss of Skills"


"Skill Loss during Unemployment and the Scarring Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic", with Paul Jackson


"Efficiency in the Housing Market with Search Frictions", with Miroslav Gabrovski


"Home Construction Financing, Search Frictions and the Housing Market", with Miroslav Gabrovski


"Housing Market Dynamics with Search Frictions and Endogenous Separations", with Miroslav Gabrovski


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Victor Ortego-Marti

Department of Economics
University of California Riverside
3132 Sproul Hall
Riverside CA 92521

Email: v i c t o r o m at u c r . e d u