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                                    Major Categories in Biological Pest Control




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Augmentation of Natural Enemies

Background-Overview of Biological Control

Behavior, Ontogeny & Reproduction of Natural Enemies

Biological Control Database

Community Instruction

Cultural Pest Control

Culture of Natural Enemies

Ecological Considerations

Environmental Management

Evaluation of Natural Enemies

Experimental Techniques in Evaluation

Exploration For Natural Enemies

General References to BiologicalControl

Identification Keys

Insect Identification


Insects & Natural Control

Integrated Pest Control #1, #2, #3

Introduction to Biological Control

Keys to Parasitoids of Flies

Life Tables & Evaluation

Links to Other Sites

Natural Enemies & Natural Control

Population Theories

Populations of Animals

Quarantine Procedure

Reproduction (Parasitoids)

Research Groups

Resistance to Pesticides

Techniques Employed in Implementation

Topics in Biological Pest Control