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Age-structured Systems

Area Covered (searching)

Area Effecitvely Traversed

Area of Discovery

Competing Herbivores and Natural Enemies

Competing Natural Enemies

Competition Curve



Generalist and Specialist Natural Enemies

Generalist Natural Enemies

Generalities on Modeling of Arthropod Populations

Growth Rates

Homogeneous Environments

Homogeneous Environments

Host Density Dependence

Host-Parasitoid Systems

Host-Pathogen Systems

Interspecific Competition

Key Factor

Multiple age-class systems (single species)

Multiple age-class systems (homogenous environments)

Multiple Introductions (natural enemies)

Multispecies Systems

Nicholson, A. J.

Numerical Response

Parasitoid-Pathogen-Host Systems

Patchy Environments (Single Species)

Patchy Environments (Interspecific competition)

Population Regulation

Population Stability

Population Stability Tests

Population Structure & Mating Systems

Population Theories

Populations (Introduction)

Power of Increase

Random Searching (animals)

Real Mortality

Residual Mortality

Searching in Animals

Single age-class systems (Single Species)

Single age-class systems (Interspecific competition)

Single Species Populations

Spatial Complexity and Asynchrony


Steady Densities

Steady Density (populations)

Steady State (populations)

The Limitation of Animal Density