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                                                       COMMUNITY INSTRUCTION

                                                       Biological Pest Control




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Orders of Insects  <INSECT2KEY.>


    Coleoptera -- beetles <COLEOPT2.htm>

    Collembola -- springtails <COLLEMBO.htm>

    Dermaptera -- earwigs <DERMAPT2.htm>

    Diplura -- diplurans <DIPLURA.htm>

    Diptera -- true flies <DIPTERA2.htm>

    Embioptera -- webspinners <EMBIOPT.htm>

    Ephemeroptera -- mayflies <EPHEM2.htm>

    Hemiptera -- true bugs <HEMIPT.htm>

    Homoptera -- cicadas, hoppers, aphids, whiteflies scale insects <HOMOPT.htm>

    Hymenoptera -- sawflies, ichneumons, chalcids, wasps, ants, bees <HYMEN2.htm>

    Isoptera -- termites <ISOPTERA.htm>

    Lepidoptera -- butterflies and moths <LEPID2.htm>

    Mallophaga -- bird lice, chewing lice <MALLOPHA.htm>

    Mecoptera -- scorpionflies <MECOPT.htm>

    Microcoryphia -- jumping bristletails <MICROCOR.htm>

    Neuroptera -- dobsonflies, fishflies, snakeflies, lacewings, antlions <NEUROP2.htm>

    Odonata -- dragonflies and damselflies <ODONATA2.htm>

    Orthoptera -- grasshoppers, katydids, crickets, walking sticks, cockroaches and mantids


                 Phthiraptera (Anoplura, Siphunculata) -- sucking lice  <ANOPLURA.htm>

    Plecoptera -- stoneflies <PLECOP2.htm>

    Protura -- proturans or telsontails <PROTURA.htm>

    Psocoptera  (Corrodentia)-- psocids <PSOCOP2.htm>

    Siphonaptera -- fleas <SIPHONAP.htm>

    Strepsiptera -- twisted-wing parasites <STREPS2.htm>

    Thysanoptera -- thrips <THYSAO2.htm>

    Thysanura -- bristletails, silverfish, firebrats <THYSU2.htm>

    Trichoptera -- caddisflies <TRICHO2.htm>

    Zoraptera  -- zorapterans <ZORAPT.htm>


Guide to Insect Families with Predatory & Parasitic Species


    Insects:  <KEYS.htm>            <INSECT2.KEY>


    Print-out of key to Principal Families of Entomophagous Insects    <PRINT-OUT>


    Key References = <NATENEMY.REF>


Biological Control (History & Principal Examples)


   Courses on Biological Control:   BEGINNING      ADVANCED


   History of Biological Control  <MUSEUM2.htm>

    Introduction and Scope of Biological Control  <MUSEUM3.htm>

    National and International Organizations Active in Biological Control  <MUSEUM4.htm> <2>

    Economic Gains and Analysis of Successes in Biological Control  <MUSEUM5.htm>

    Trends & Future Possibilities in Biological Control  <MUSEUM6.htm>

    Beneficial Insects  <enemypic.htm>

    Case Histories of Notable Biological Control Projects  <DETAILED.htm>


Special Reports

    Meal Worm Project  <PROJECT.3>

    Ladybird Beetles  <LADYBIRD.htm>

    Fruit Flies in California  <FRUITFLY.htm>

    Killer Bees  <KILLER.htm>

    Monarch & Viceroy Butterflies <31AUG95.MUS>

    Everywhere is Home <9 FEB98.MUS>

    Familiar Butterflies of the United States & Canada <BUTTERFL.htm>

    Bird Species Observed in California  <CALBIRDS.htm>

    Ethnic Diversity in America Before Columbus Suggests Prehistoric Old World Contacts    <ethnic.htm>