National Science Grant $590,000 STEMS Women of Color. UCR amount $168,000
2011-2012   "Race: Are We So Different?" National Endowment for the Humanities. $25,000.
2010   Informal Science Grant Integrating Race and Human Variation. National Science Foundation Joseph Jones. AAA total $600,000.

"Furthering the Goals of Race and Human Variation" Ford Foundation. Alan Goodman $450,000

UCR $18,000

2006-2010   5 UC Campus wide grant to change dept culture to be more welcoming to STEM Women of Color .National Science Foundation. Doug Haines. UC Irvine. Jorge Huerta UC San Diego, Rosina Becerra. UC Los Angeles. Maria Herrera-Sobek. UC Santa Barbara. $450,000
2004-2005   Recipient of grant from the Ford Foundation to interview Women of Color faculty. K. Wong Arizona State $100,000.
2004-2006   "Leadership and Diversity." Ford Foundation. Linda Basch. National Council Research Research Women. $300,000
2003-2008   Understanding Race in Human Variation. National Science Foundation. Peggy Overby. American Anthropological Assoc. $2,500,000.
2003-2008   Understanding Race in Human Variation. Ford Foundation Peggy Overby. American Anthropological Association $1,000,000.