Field Research

2008-2011   Co-Principal Investigator. Ford Foundation Grant to research and create small 1500 Sq. foot version of “Race: Are we so Different? Also to write and publish book, Race are we so Different with Alan Goodman and Joseph Jones. $450,000.00.
2006-2010   Co-Principal Investigator. NSF-PAID (Planning, Implementation and Dissemination) Grant. This is a 5 campus UC wide grant to change departmental culture to create welcoming environments to women and underrepresented minorities when they are hired in STEM departments. $450,000.00.
2004-Present   Chair, National Advisory Committee and Researcher. Pilot study on Leadership and Diversity. Funded by the Ford Foundation. National Council for Research on Women. New York
2002-Present   Research on the “Role of Non -Tenured Full-Time Faculty and Governance.”
1997-1998   Ford Foundation Campus - Community Diversity Relations project (worked with Project Director).The City College, CUNY.
1988-1989   National Study on Campus Climate for Black Women in Higher Education. Sponsored by the Association of American Colleges, Washington, DC. Project on the Status and Education of Women; worked with National Project Director, Dr. Bernice Sandler.
1986-1989   Pilot study on "Comparative Sex Role Perceptions: North American Black and Hispanic College Students."
1982-1984   Cross-cultural study of “Family Planning and Methods of Birth Control. U.S. Caribbean-Pacific Islands.
1981-1982   Study of “Relative Priority of Ethnic and Sexual Identity of Black and Mexican- American Women in Southern California.”
1973-1974   Ethnographic study in the British West Indies on the Island of Montserrat. Study focused on immigration, decision-making and sex roles of working women. Funded by a Ford Foundation Grant (Dissertation).
1971 Summer   Study of the effects of change (the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline) on the Alaskan natives of Valdez, Alaska. Funded by University of California Chancellor's Grant.
1971 Spring   Attitudinal Study of Blacks living in a predominately white community in Southern California. Funded by a University of California Chancellor's Grant