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     Previews of Archeological Sites


African Features in Ancient America

America Colonization (Prehistoric)

African Influence In Ancient America

American Cameloids

American Drugs in Egyptian Mummies

America's Stonehenge

America's Stonehenge (Photos)

Archeological Sites—Alphabetical List

Archeological Sites--Previews

Archeology in America

Asian Influence In Ancient America


Basque--Universal Language

Bibliography (Archeology)

Bolivia Archeology

Bottle Gourd in America

Bronze Age European Visitors in America

Bronze Age Index

Bronze Age (List of Illustrations)

Bronze Age Terminology

Bronze Tools in America (absence of)


Celts (Ireland-Scotland)

Chronological Album (Ethnic Diversity)

Chronological Album (Pre-Columbian art)

Civilizations in America (Chronology)

CLASSIC Period in America

Climate of the Earth

Cotton in America


Domesticated & Wild Useful Plants of American Origin


Early Humans in America

Earth's Climate

Egyptian Boat (Transatlantic Navigation?)

Ethnic Diversity in Ancient America & #2

European Features in Ancient America


Fell, Barry

Food Plants (American)




Horse Creek Petroglyph--West Virginia

Human Migrations & Language


Illustrations (source of)

Indiana Pre-Classic Site

Linguistics Archeology


Maize in America

MAP Links

Mass Extinction of Mammals in America

Megaliths & Artifacts—Europe & America Compared

Migrations to Ireland (early)

Mystery Hill, New Hampshire

Mystery Hill, NH (Photos)


Nyland, Edo

Nyland, Edo (Horse Creek Petroglyph)

Nyland, Edo (Homer’s Odyssey)

Nyland, Edo (Saharan Language)

Nyland, Edo (Universal Language)


Odysseus & the Sea Peoples

Ogam Alphabet--photo

Ogam Script

Old World Ancient Contacts With America

Oriental Features in Ancient America


Periods of Mesoamerican Civilizations

Petroglyphs & Pictographs

Photos of Archeological Sites

Pleistocene Extinction

Polynesian-Eurasian Contacts

POSTCLASSIC Period in America

Pre-Christian Ireland & Scotland

PRECLASSIC Period in America

Pre-Columbian Art (North, Central & South America)

Pre-Columbian Contacts in America

Pre-Columbian Ethnic Diversity

Pre-Columbian Travel to America

Previews of Archeological Sites


Racial Diversity in Pre-Columbian America

Reindeer Hides (trade in)

Saharan Language

Sea Peoples

Sheep Farming in Bronze Age North America

Shenandoah Valley site

Southwestern Ireland (History)

Stone Structures (America)

Sweet Potatoes in America


Tools Artifacts in America


Unique Racial Features in Ancient America

Universal Language (Basque)

Useful American Domesticated Plants


Virginia, USA Pre-Columbian Site

Vowel-Consonant-Vowel (VCV) Dictionary


Websites--Archeology Related

Wheels in Ancient America