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American Archeology Links

American Epigraphy

American Museum of Natural History

American Rock Art Research Association

America's Stonehenge

Ancient Middle America

Anthropology News

Archaeology of American Southwest

Archeology in Cyberspace

Archeology in the Americas

Archeology Magazine


Bat Creek Stone

Barry Fell-- Update

Berliner Kurier

Bolivia-Peru Archeology (B. V. Biados)

Book of Mormon & North American Archeology

Bronze Age America--Update

Cave Paintings


Cave Paintings

Celts in Europe

Central Registry for Pre-Columbian Inscriptions

Corriere del Ticino



Deer Valley Rock Art Center


Discovery News

Distribution of Celts in Europe

Dolmens, Megaliths, etc. in Europe


Early Egypt in America

Early Humans in America #1

Early Humans in America #2

Edo Nyland's websites

Epigraphic Society


Ethnic Diversity in Pre-Columbian America


European Megaliths



Forrest Kirkland's Watercolors of Texas Rock Art



Geometrical Earthworks of Ohio

Grand Traverse Stone-- Michigan

Grave Creek

Great Ireland in North America


Helsingin Sanomat (International Edition)

Helsingin Sanomat Ulkomaat

Hristov, Romeo


Index (Linguistic Archeology)

Internatl. Fed. of Rock Art Organizations

I programmi di Telereggio

Internet Archeology

Inyo County, CA Ogam Inscriptions






Kiosque Echos


La Science

Linguistic Archeology

Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

Lower Pecos River Rock Art


Magyar Origins

Mechanicsburg Stones

Robert Morritt

Mystery Hill, New Hampshire


Nordic Bronze Age Visitors to America

New Scientist 02/12/2000

New Scientist 02/26/2000 

Nyland, Edo (websites)


Ogam (Ogham)-- Translation of

Ogham Websites

Ohio Mounds

Ohio Site -- Guernsey County

Outline Degrees In Education


Overview of Pre-Columbian Travel


Peabody Museum of Archeology & Ethnology

Pectroglyphs & Pictographs

Pictograph Cave State Park


Radiometric Dating

RA I and RA II Expeditions


Sami Rock Engravings, Sweden

Seminole Canyon State Historic Park

Sitios Arqueolόgicos de Bolivia y Peru

Society For American Archeology

Spirit Pond Rune Stone

Stepping Stones--Archeology


Texas Rock Art Foundation

The Guardian

Three Rivers Petroglyph Park


World Climates-- Historical


Yahoo’s South American Archeology


Contemporary Websites


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