Weed Ecology Lab

Holt Lab Photo Album

Yes that IS Rana in the field!

Janet is inspired by a giant artichoke thistle

Rana and Janet measuring artichoke thistle in Irvine.

That is NOT an invasive weed James! That's Rana!

Lynn plotting to destroy all the fountain grass.

Kai getting ready to load willow cuttings into the truck at the Whittier site.

Holly making hats out of paper plates at the Mojave Desert Sahara mustard site

Love those stylish field work fashion statements Lauren

Polly and 'Field Boy' James measuring artichoke thistle in Irvine.

CAL-IPC conference Chico, CA October 2008

Kai on his LONG ride home from the CAL-IPC Conference 2008.

Jodie modeling the beer list at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA CAL-IPC conference 2008

Lynn enjoying field work.

Rana packing up to go to Lebanon.

Collecting willows at the Whittier site.

Honorary lab member Junie fashioning Rana's hand knit strawberry hat

Katie and Jacob hiding in the weeds. Whittier field site 2008.

Polly, Katie, and Jacob trying to climb through Arundo. Whittier field site 2008

Kai and Jacob hide in the enormous Fountain Grass. 2008

Lynn and Jacob checking out the Fountain Grass. 2008

Jodie and Douglas camping at Summit Lake in the Sierra Nevada, 2005

Douglas looking mighty dapper for the Tyler Prize Award dinner

The Whittier Arundo site flooded! I think next time we need to take a raft.

Kai taking data on Fountain Grass. 2008

There he is, that IT guy again with his little dog too
Honorary member of the weed lab, makes a mean mai tai


Field work in the Arundo Whittier site! Love that site!

UCR Graduation 2007

Honorary lab member 4 weeks old. Juniper Otter.

Sarah's Baby shower 2007

Lab Christmas Party 2007. We didn't foget about you Lauren!

Lab Halloween Lunch 2007.

Lauren's Graduation 2007.

Doug and Jodie visiting Portland Oregon 2007.

Honorary lab members Dougie and Allison. Moving to Portland, Oregon.

Polly getting ready to attack more Arundo .