• 2019-Dec Wenxiu gave a talk at the 11th ICSA International Conference on Innovation with Statistics and Data Science at Hangzhou, China.

  • 2019-Aug Fangjie has passed her PhD dissertation defense. Congratulations, Dr. Xie!

  • 2019-Aug We received a 5-year NIH MIRA/R35 Award to develop computational and statistical methods to study spatial genome organization and gene regulation. [Inside UCR]


  • 2018-Jun We received a 5-year gift grant from the Center for Advancing Women in Technology to develop a new undergraduate Data Science program (PI: Vassilis Tsotras, Co-PIs: Daniel Jeske, Wenxiu Ma, and Shuheng Zhou, Evangelos Papalexakis, and Christian Shelton). [UCR Today]

  • 2018-Jun Huiling and Yangyang passed their PhD qualifying exams. Congratulations to both of them!

  • 2018-May We received a 1-year UCR Collaborative Seed Grant to study spatial genome reorganization by plant light signaling (PI: Meng Chen, Co-PI: Wenxiu Ma).

  • 2018-Apr Wenxiu gave a talk at the 2018 NSF Project / Bioinformatics Workshop organized by Noble Research Institute, Michigan Technology University, and UCR.

  • 2018-Jan Wenxiu gave a talk at the Data Science seminar at UCR.


  • 2017-Nov Luke passed his PhD oral qualifying exam. Congratulations, Luke!

  • 2017-Aug Eleonora Khabirova joined the lab as a postdoctoral scholar. Welcome Eleonora!

  • 2017-Jul Wenxiu received the Regents Faculty Fellowship and Omnibus Travel grant from the Academic Senate at UCR.

  • 2017-Jun Jingfei received her MS degree in Statistics and graduated from UCR. Congratulations, Jingfei!

  • 2017-Mar Tiantian passed her PhD qualifying exam. Congratulations, Tiantian!

  • 2017-Feb Wenxiu gave a talk at Department of Economics at UCR.


  • 2016-Dec Wenxiu gave a talk at the 10th ICSA International Conference on Global Growth of Modern Statistics in the 21st Century at Shanghai, China.

  • 2016-Nov Wenxiu gave a talk at the Statistics Seminar at San Diego State University.

  • 2016-Sep Yangyang Hu from CSE has joined the lab. Welcome, Yangyang!

  • 2016-Sep We received a 5-year collaborative grant (NIH/NIGMS R01, PI: Meng Chen, Co-I: Wenxiu Ma) to study the function of photobodies in plant light signaling.

  • 2016-Jul Wenxiu gave a talk at the ICSA Conference on Data Science at Dali, China.

  • 2016-Jun Wenxiu gave a talk at the 25th ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium at Atlanta, GA.

  • 2016-Jun Wenxiu gave a talk at the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology seminar at UCSD.

  • 2016-May We received a 1-year UCR Collaborative Seed Grant to study accelerated aging in geriatric HIV+ subjects (PI: Ilhem Messaoudi, Co-PIs: Brandon Brown, James Borneman, and Wenxiu Ma).

  • 2016-May We are moving to the multidisciplinary Genomics building.

  • 2016-Apr Wenxiu gave a talk at the MCBL/GGB/CMDB joint seminar at UCR.

  • 2016-Apr We received a 4-year subaward from the Univeristy of Washington (NIH/NIGMS R01, PI: Christine Disteche) to study sex chromosome aneuploidy.


  • 2015-Dec We welcome our very first graduate students: Tiantian Ye from GGB and Luke Klein from Statistics.

  • 2015-Nov Wenxiu gave a talk at the Computer Science & Enginnering colloquium at UCR.

  • 2015-Sep Dr. Wenxiu Ma's lab officially started in the Statistics department at the University of California, Riverside.