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                                                            Summary of Discoveries of Dr. Barry & René Fell


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       [Many of the inscriptions in this section may also be deciphered with the Ogam/Igbo Dictionary:  See Catherine Acholonu]



Bronze Age Alphabets

Bronze Age School Lessons

Prayers for Ships at Sea.

A Royal Visitor

View of The Bronze Age

What the Excavations Reveal

Tifinag Alphabet-Peterborough, Ontario

Servant of Woden's Observatory

Stone Circles

Bronze Age Religion

The Gods Go West-- Woden & Lug

Loki The Crafty

Tsiw Mighty-in-Battle

Thunor The Thunderer


Mabona and Freyr-- The Phallic Gods

The Mother Goddess

Giants, Monsters & Twilight of The Gods

Business Transactions in the Bronze Age

What The Grave Goods Tell Us

Stone Age Language in Bronze Age Petroglyphs

The Sea Peoples

Language of Our Bronze Age Ancestors

Absence of Celts in Ireland & Scotland

Eurasian / Polynesian Contacts

Revelations from Homer’s Odyssey

Linguistic Archeology

Conclusions     Ogam Script     Dr. Barry Fell

Conclusions     Ogam Script      Universal Language


LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS       Bibliography