Lab Members

Khaleel A. Razak, PI

Ph.D. (2001) Zoology and Physiology/Neuroscience, University of Wyoming

Jonathan Lovelace, FRAXA Foundation funded Post-Doctoral Fellow

Project: Novel biomarkers and therapies for Fragile X Syndrome


Stephen Brookshire, Lab Manager


Teresa Wen

5th year Neuroscience Graduate Student
B.S. 2012. Claremont Colleges
Dissertation: Mechanisms of auditory processing disorders in Fragile X Syndrome


Dustin Brewton

5th year Neuroscience Graduate Student
B.S. 2011. Univerity of Central Arkansas
Dissertation: Sound localization and echolocation in the pallid bat: the role of the tragus


Sarah Reinhard

5th year Psychology Graduate Student

Dissertation: Developmental expression of FMRP and MMP9 in the auditory cortex: mechanisms of altered critical period plasticity in FXS mouse model.


Anna Nguyen

4th year Bioengineering Graduate Student

Dissertation: Inferior Colliculus Responses in Fragile X Syndrome


Brad Hopp


4th year Neuroscience Graduate Student

Dissertation: Arizona bark scorpion venom resistance in the pallid bat


Jeff Rumschlag

2nd year Neuroscience Graduate Student

Dissertation: Nicotine treatment in presbycusis


Jamiela Kokash

2nd year Neuroscience Graduate Student

Dissertation: Minocycline and noise induced hearing loss


Undergraduate trainees

1. Maximiliano Abundez Toledo

2. Victoria Guttierez


Lab Technician

Katherine Espinoza


Former Lab Members

Maria Magdalena Carrasco

2010-2012: Post-doctoral scholar

2012-2014: Science Coordinator, Cpech, Chile


Michael Trujillo

Ph.D. (2012) Cortical processing of frequency modulated sweeps with age-related hearing loss.

2012-present: Sales Scientist, Alpha MED Scientific Inc. and AutoMate Scientific, Inc.


Sarah Rotschafer

Ph.D. (2012) Auditory processing and vocal communication deficits in Fragile X Syndrome.

2012-present: Post-doctoral Scholar, Karina Cramer Lab, University of California, Irvine


Kevin Measor

Ph.D. (2014) Topography and mechanisms of intensity tuning in the echolocation call selective region of the pallid bat

Present: Instructor, Biology Dept., Gonzaga University


Heather Martin del Campo

B.S. (2012)

2012-present: Medical Student - UC Riverside