Joining the Lab

I welcome students and other researchers into the lab and frequently have positions available.  Diversity in the lab is valued!  Below is some general information for undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral scientists.  We value diversity and encourage broader participation in science.


Undergraduate Students

I enjoy bringing undergraduates into the lab and have had students whose commitments range from part-time job to leading and publishing new research in an international journal.  Undergraduates will generally be associated with ongoing research conducted by graduate students or postdocs.  After initial training, undergraduate students are encouraged to develop their own research projects.   Undergraduates interested in joining the lab should send me ( an email describing their interests and background at any time.  We can discuss potential opportunities.  I will hire up to 2 new students for the summer 2019 field season.  UCR has several fellowship programs that can provide further funding opportunities for undergraduate research.


Graduate Students

I am currently recruiting 2 student for the 2018-2019 application period.  I am looking for students to lead and participate in project examining interface between landscape and ecosystem ecology in southern California.

If the research conducted in the lab is interesting to you and you are looking into graduate programs, please contact me (  In your letter, please include your background information and research interests.  My group investigates a broad range of ecosystem types including unmanaged, agricultural, and urban lands.  Our work is linked through an emphasis on a common set of theory (landscape and ecosystem ecology), and applications (sustainability).  Most projects combine aspects of trace gas exchange measurements, remote sensing, inventories, and modeling; however, we are flexible in approaches and work to use the best method to answer a specific question.  The work is interdisciplinary and collaborative.  We publish high quality research and generally enjoy ourselves while doing it.  I accept students through the Botany and Plant Sciences program and Ecology, Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology program at UCR.


Postdoctoral Scientists

I am recruiting a new postdoc - an ad is here.  I also welcome interest in developing proposals for new funding to support postdoctoral research.  If you are interested in joining the lab follow details provided in specific announcements or more generally send me ( an email with your interests and background.  I welcome opportunities to work with interested candidates in developing postdoctoral fellowship proposals.