Favorite links

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A somewhat random collection of links to nature photographers I respect...

Judd Patterson      Excellent photography of birds, flowers, insects, and landscapes

Bob Steele      Many outstanding images, mainly of birds, with a focus on inland southern California

Dave Furseth      Lots of really nice shots of California birdlife

Greg Russell      Great landscapes from the American west (some may look similar to a few of my images because
                             Greg and I occasionally go shooting together)

Will Sooter      Amazing shots of San Diego coastal peregrine falcons

Jim Zipp      Mainly birds, with a focus on New England

Robert Royse      Wonderful collection of eastern warblers, sparrows in all their subtle glory, and many other birds as well.

Guy Edwardes      Great landscapes and other natural subjects, with a focus on England.

Romy Ocon      Superb bird photographs from the Philippines