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Common yellowthroat        Images © Mark A. Chappell

The common yellowthroat is a familiar (if a bit secretive) resident in marshes, swamps, and wet grassy fields.   The male on the left, above, was defending a territory at Hidden Valley Wildlife Area in Riverside, California; I photographed the bird at right from a hide as it fed in dry winter cattails at the nearby San Jacinto Wildlife Area.   The two birds below, including the subtly-colored female, were at Huntington Central Park in Orange County, California; the singing males were at Bolsa Chica wetlands in coastal Orange County, CA.   One of these birds was at the mouth of the Big Sur River in central California.
              More yellowthroat pictures are on this page.

  • Canon 10D, 1D Mk. II, 1D3, 7D, or 1D IV; 500 mm f4 IS lens plus 1.4X or 2X converter or 800 mm IS lens + 1.4X converter and extension tubes, fill-in flash (2004, 2005, 2007, 2010)