Lab Members   

Darrel Jenerette, Director Center for Conservation Biology and Professor Department of Botany and Plant Sciences
Google Scholar Profile
Peter Ibsen, Ph.D. Candidate
Holly Andrews
Holly Andrews, PhD Candidate
DIon Kucera, Ph.D. Student
Stephanie Piper, Ph.D. Student
Asma Ayyad, Ph.D. Student
Stuart Schwab, Ph.D. Student (co-advised with Loralee Larios)

Undergraduate Researchers 

Andrew Loera
Cynthis Lwin
Meliss Le

Visiting Researchers

Min Jiao

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students
Cara Fertitta-Roberts, Ph.D. 2017, currently  Coordinator, Governor's School for Science and Mathematics
Steven Crum, Ph.D. 2016, currently Assistant Professor, Imperial Valley Community College
Jennifer Eberwein, Ph.D. 2016, currently Scientist, Mojave Air Resources
Lorraine Weller Clarke, Ph.D. 2014, currently Specialist, University of District of Columbia
Lauren Velasco, M.S. 2016

Postdoctoral Researchers

Julie Ripplinger, 2016-2018
Jingli Yan, 2017-2018, currently postdoctoral scientist, University of Ghent
Isaac Park, 2015-2017, currently Research Scientist, University of California Santa Barbara
Amin Tayyebi, 2014-2016, currently GIS Scientist, Monsanto
Sheri Shiflett, 2014-2015, currently Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Gudina Feyisa 2013-2014, currently Assistant Professor, Jimma University
Jongyoun Kim, 2013, Scientist, California Irrigation and Management System
Alex Buyantuyev, 2013, currently Assistant Professor, SUNY Albany
Patricia Oikawa, 2011-2013, currently Assistant Professor, Cal State East Bay
Amitava Chatterjee, 2008-2010, currently Associate Professor North Dakota State University
Karrin Alstad, 2009-2010, currently Scientist, Piccaro Instruments

Visiting Scholars
Lan Zhichun, 2012-2013
Weijun Shen, 2010, currently Professor South China Botanical Garden
Liangtao Li,  2010, China Agricultural University
Ying Hao, 2010, China Normal University