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Our research focuses on the coupling between biodiversity, energy fluxes, and biogeochemical cycling embedded within ecological landscapes.  We conduct research across wildland, agricultural, and urban land uses.  Linking processes across scales is central to our work  -- landscape dynamics occur at scales  of microbes, to hundreds of kilometers, to the entire world.  Everyone in the lab endeavors to both generate new understanding of how the world works and forecast the effects global change drivers on  sustainability trade-offs.  Current activities are answering questions such as: What regulates biodiversity and ecosystem functioning within cities?  What limits rates of nitrogen cycling and nitrogen trace gas emissions in high temperature regions? What are landscape feedbacks to coupled carbon, nitrogen, and water cycles following grass invasions in arid ecosystems?

The lab is part of the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences at the University of California Riverside.  Contact Email:

News and Recent Publications

We are recruiting  a graduate student for a newly funded nitrogen cycling in high temperature agriculture project.  The recruitment ad is here.

Recent Publications (Bold for Jenerette Lab)

Lu X, LL Liang, L Wang, GD Jenerette, MF McCabe and DA Grantz. In Press. Partitioning of evapotranspiration using a stable water isotope technique in an arid and high temperature agricultural production system.  Agricultural Water Management

Crum S, LL Liang, GD Jenerette.  2016. Landscape and physiological regulation of soil respiration in southern California, USA.  Journal of Geophysical Research Biogeosciences 121, doi:10.1002/2016JG003469

Jenerette GD, LW Clarke, ML Avolio, DE Pataki, TW Gillespie, S Pincetl, J McFadden, D Nowak, L Hutyra, M McHale, and M Alonzo. 2016. Climate tolerances and trait choices shape continental patterns of urban tree biodiversity. Global Ecology and Biogeography 25:1367-1376

Jenerette GD, SL Harlan, A Buyantuev, WL Stefanov, J Declet-Barreto, BL Ruddell, SW Myint, S Kaplan, and X Li. 2016.  Micro scale urban surface temperatures are related to land cover features and heat related health impacts in Phoenix, AZ USA. Landscape Ecology 31:745-760

Tayyebi A and GD Jenerette. 2016.  Increases in the climate change adaption effectiveness and availability of vegetation across a coastal to desert climate gradient in metropolitan Los Angeles, CA, USA. Science of the Total Environment 548-549:60-71

Liang LL, DA Grantz, and GD Jenerette. 2016. Multivariate regulation of CO2 and N2O pulse emissions from agricultural soils.  Global Change Biology 22:1286-1298

Shen W, GD Jenerette, RL Scott, and D Hui. 2016. Precipitation legacy effects on dryland ecosystem carbon fluxes: direction, magnitude and biogeochemical carryovers.  Biogeosciences 13:425-439

Oikawa PY, C Ge, J Wang, JR Eberwein, LL Liang, L Allsman, DA Grantz, GD Jenerette. 2015. Unusually high soil nitrogen oxide emissions influence air quality in high temperature agricultural region. Nature Communications 6:8753 DOI: 10.1038/NCOMMS9753