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I teach four courses within the Earth Science and Planetary Sciences department at the University of California, Riverside, catering to both undergraduate and graduate-level students.

GEO 271 - Global Seismology

Introduces the fundamentals of global earthquake seismology. Covers basic theory and concepts in seismology, seismic waves, and their applications to understand earthquake source and earth structure. Includes concepts and applications of observational seismology, earthquake imaging, foreshocks, aftershocks, and earthquake triggering.

GEO 272 - Array Seismology

Introduces fundamentals of array techniques. Covers concepts and design of seismic array, techniques of array data processing, and applications. Includes hands-on training with state-of-the-art seismometers. Emphasizes the array methods and their applications to image earthquake source leading to the understanding of earthquake dynamics and underlying physics.

GEO 116 - Structural Geology

Examines geological structures in the field. Covers the graphical solution of structural problems and laboratory map study, the genesis of rock structures, the physics of rock deformation, and Mohr diagrams and elementary stress analysis.

GEO 008 - Earthquake Country

An introduction to the study of earthquakes and the problems of living in earthquake country. Why earthquakes occur, how they are recorded, and what the effects are on man and his structures. The scientific and social consequences of earthquake prediction.

GEO 240 - Seminar in Earthquake Processes and Geophysics

Explores selected contemporary topics in the areas of earthquake and fault processes, geophysics, active tectonics, and seismology

NASC 093 - Freshman Advising Seminar in the Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Introduction to UCR for students in the sciences. Includes selection of majors, curriculum planning, career options and goals in the sciences, opportunities for undergraduate research, development of learning and study skills, ethics in research and education, and an introduction to the faculty and professional academic advisors in CNAS.

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