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Earthquake locations and Nicoya catalog

Earthquake locations are very important for any seismological study. We made a robust earthquake catalog of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, that spans from end 1999 to mid 2001 [Ghosh et al., 2008]. The seismic network, which consists of 40 land and ocean bottom seismometers, is the part of the project Costa Rica Seismogenic Zone Experiment. We manually picked ~5000 earthquakes and their associated phase picks, combines them with the picks done by earlier workers, and relocated them with simul2000 (previously known as Simulps), using a local velocity model made by DeShon et al., 2007. This catalog, with ~10000 events, is the most comprehensive earthquake catalog of MAT, near Nicoya Peninsula, till date. The figure shows earthquake locations from the Nicoya catalog. Red circles represent earthqukes along the subduction interface, and green circles are the non-interface events.

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