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CO2 Fracking linked to mysterious, gentle tremors

Story by Chrissy Sexton

In a recent study, scientists have discovered a connection between the controversial practice of fracking and a previously unidentified type of seismic activity.

While fracking is widely known for its potential to induce earthquakes, this new research suggests it can also cause small, slow tremors, that have often gone unnoticed.

Focus of the study

Fracking, formally referred to as hydraulic fracturing, involves the high-pressure injection of fluids into the Earth's subsurface to extract valuable oil and natural gas reserves.

The standard fluid used for this process has traditionally been wastewater. But the researchers specifically analyzed the impacts of fracking with liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) - a method that serves a dual purpose.

Environmental advantages

Not only does this method extract gas, but it also sequesters carbon dioxide...Read more

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