Photo of Abhijit Ghosh taken in 2012

Abhijit Ghosh

Assistant Professor
Department of Earth Sciences
University of California Riverside

Geology Building
Room # 438A
Riverside, CA, 92521

Office phone: 1 951 827 4493


Research Interests
  • Seismology and earthquake physics
  • Slow earthquake and tremor
  • Array seismology
  • Variation in coupling along the subduction megathrust
  • Role of fluid in earthquake generation
  • Earthquake frequency-magnitude distribution (b-value)
  • Fault mechanics
  • Plate boundary dynamics
  • Structural geology

Student and post-doc opportunities

I am looking for students and post-doctoral researchers who are excited about working on geosciences in general, and earthquakes in particular. In my lab, there are opportunities to get involved in both fieldwork and data analyses (desk-work). If you are outdoorsy and like travel, this should be exciting for you. For students, some background in geosciences and/or physics and/or mathematics is a plus. Contact me if you are interested.

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