Oleksandr Holovachov

Postdoctoral Researcher - Nematologist

University Laboratory Building 202


email: oleksandr.holovachov@ucr.edu

Research areas

My long-term research interests in nematology are the morphology and systematics of freeliving bacterivorous and predaceous nematodes, with particular emphasis on the ecological and behavioral espects of nematode evolution. The main focus of current research is the phylogeny reconstruction and systematic revision of the order Plectida on the base of both morphological and molecular data.

Furthermore, I'm interested in monitoring and conservation of endangered animal species, and serve as an amateur ornithologists and wildlife photographer for the Western-Ukrainian Ornithological Station, where I was a member of the “Avosetta” bird ringing field station (1998-2000, 2002-2004) and “Prypiat” expedition (2003-2004, 2006). Working as a technician (volunteer) at the Zoological Museum of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv I was involved in the preparation of the exhibition and scientific collections of various groups of animals, as well as development of collection catalogues.

My old photogallery is no longer updated. Please see my new photogallery hosted on Zenfolio. I am redularly updating it with new and old pictures.