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 Lab Members

MatthMatt Daughertyew Daugherty
Extension Specialist & Principal Investigator

matt.daugherty@ucr.edu | CV

B.A. Biological Sciences 1995
UC Davis

M.S. Biological Sciences 2000
Illinois State University

Ph.D. Integrative Biology 2006
UC Berkeley

Research Interest:
Matt is a member of UCR's Department of Entomology, where he studies applied population ecology and provides outreach on the ecology and management of invasive insects. In his free time he pretends to be a climber and backcountry skier.

Tyler SchartelTyler Schartel
Postdoctoral Fellow
tylersch@ucr.edu | CV

B.S. Biology 2007
Ursinus College

M.S. Zoology 2011
Southern Illinois University

Ph.D. Biological Sciences 2016
Mississippi State University

Tyler is a broadly trained ecologist who enjoys combining field-based data collection, quantitative approaches, and R-based simulation. His research interests involve understanding the factors driving patterns in species distributions, and his work has primarily focused on invasive species. Prior to arriving at UCR as a postdoctoral scholar, Tyler’s dissertation work focused on understanding and predicting the North American invasion of the South American cactus moth, Cactoblastis cactorum.

Tyler’s work in the Daugherty lab will use spatial statistics and species distribution modeling to understand and predict the California invasion of the European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana. This work will improve understanding of the factors driving the California distribution of L. botrana and inform management strategies intended to mitigate the ecological/economic impacts and spread of this agricultural pest. Tyler’s free time is usually spent outdoors or exploring the wide world of craft beer.

Sarah O'Neill

Sarah Lillian
Graduate Student Researcher

sdave001@ucr.edu | CV

B.S. Zoology 2011
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Ph.D. Entomology in Progress
University of California, Riverside

Research Interest:
Current research centers around plant and arthropod responses to an invasive plant, Brassica tournefortii (Sahara mustard). B. tournefortii invasion is associate with decreased biodiversity in both plants and arthropods. Further, as host to the invasive stinkbug, Bagrada hilaris, B. tournefortii may be imparting negative indirect effects on California native plants. These interactions may result in apparent competition, and potentially an invasional meltdown scenario, in which invasive species propagate synergistic impacts and promote additional invasions.

Diane SotoDiane Soto
Staff Research Associate I


B.S. Entomology 2008
University of California, Riverside

Diane started working in the Daugherty Lab in September 2013. Currently, she is involved in research projects on glassy-winged sharpshooters (GWSS), Homalodisca vitripennis, and the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), Diaphorina citri. She assists with the GWSS trap collections from the Temecula Valley, part of the Temecula Area-Wide Monitoring Program. She also prepares the GWSS newsletters that are sent out biweekly. Diane was involved with ACP monitoring and leaf sampling in residential and nursery settings as an extension activity to assess and improve pest management practices. Additionally, Diane manages the lab, assists with various research projects and maintains the role of Lab Safety Coordinator for the lab.


   Kelly Eshima

Lab Alumni
   Nastaran Tofangsazi, Postdoctoral Researcher
   United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service

   Anuar Morales-Rodriguez, Scientist
   The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research

   Brett Bayles, Assistant Professor
   Dominican University

   Shyam Thomas, Postdoctoral Researcher
   Ryerson University, Toronto

   Manish Poudel, Working in Industry

   Adam Zeilinger, Postdoctoral Fellow
   University of California, Berkeley

   Barrett Gruber, Assistant Professor
   University of Florida

   Anna Rathe, Adviser
   Ministry of Primary Industries
   Kim Hung, Graduate Student
   University of California, Riverside

one of our insect tents healthy vs. infected plant xyella bacteria infected leaf

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