Exploring quantum physics with Mathematica

Lecture 1 (01/14/2008): "Introduction to Mathematica" lecA01.nb
Lecture 2 (01/28/2008): "Random processes" lecA02
Lecture 3 (02/04/2008): "Quantum mechanics in one dimension" lecA03.nb
Lecture 4 (02/11/2008): "Dynamics of a two-level system" lecA04.nb
Lecture 5 (02/25/2008): "Dynamical decoupling" lecA05.nb
Lecture 6 (03/03/2008): "Many-spin systems" lecA06.nb

This hands-on class is intended to teach things you need to participate in real-life research, and also will help you with studying advanced quantum mechanics. You will learn to use Mathematica to simulate and visualize quantum physics. You will discover things that are often missed even in advanced quantum mechanics classes. On examples, you will learn to solve problems of actual current interest and get ready for research in condensed-matter physics, nano electronics, and quantum computation.

Instructor: Leonid Pryadko
Prerequisites: PHYS 40E, MATH 46 or consent of the Instructor.
Class number: PHYS 152A, 2 units [syllabus]
Meetings: 4pm on Mon, Physics 3035

Leonid Pryadko <my first name at landau dot ucr dot edu>
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