Exploring many-body quantum physics with Mathematica

Lecture 1 (03/31/2008): "Translational symmetry for spin chains" lecB01.nb
Lecture 2 (04/07/2008): "Quantum mechanics of identical bosons" lecB02.nb
Lecture 3 (04/14/2008): "Quantum mechanics of fermions" lecB03.nb
Lecture 4 (04/21/2008): "Hubbard model: exact solution" lecB04.nb
Lecture 5 (04/28/2008): "Mean field theory for fermions: Hartree Fock approximation" lecB05.nb
Lecture 6 (05/12/2008): "Coherent control and numerical time-dependent perturbation theory" lecB06.nb

Second part of the class will be mostly devoted to manybody quantum mechanics. We will explore product states, spin-statistics theorem, oscillator representation of free bosons, spin chains, other strongly-correlated many-body models, as well as coherent control of many-qubit states.

Instructor: Leonid Pryadko
Prerequisites: Phys 152A or consent of the Instructor.
Class number: PHYS 152B, 2 units
Meetings: 4:10pm on Mon, Physics Reading Room

Leonid Pryadko <my first name at landau dot ucr dot edu>
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