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The Sumerian records abound with references to the extraterrestrial infusion in human affairs, especially the Enuma Elish and the Lost Book of Enki.  Zecharia Stichen has translated and used them exclusively in his Earth Chronicles.  Dr. Catherine Acholonu gives a summary of information from these works.


          According to the records, there were two classes of beings who gave their genes to humans from before and after 500,000 BCE.  The first were the Sirians who had shepherded earth's evolution from the very beginning days of our planet.  When the higher apes had evolved to a level suitable for infusion of the human soul, the Sirians came down and entered these animals.  From then on began the Homo walk on the planet.  This was between 1 million and 500,000 BCE.  These animal humans were called Homo erectus because they were the first erect-walking homonids.  Thereafter, by around 280,000 BCE another set of extraterrestrials came down.  These were the Annunaki, which were beings from the planet Marduk.  They were very vile and warlike and possessed all the weaknesses found in modern day humans.  They manipulated the genetic code of Homo erectus then living in Africa, and by adding their own genes to his created Homo sapiens.  Evil traits that abound in modern humans derive from the infusion of the genes of the Annunaki.