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In the subfamily Trypoxyloninae, nests are often constructed of a large number of mud cells, arranged often in tubular form on a solid surface.  Each aggregation may comprise the cells of a number of successive generations.  Other species use crevices or holes in walls, stems, etc., or they may burrow in soil.  Almost always they provision their cells with spiders (Clausen 1940/1962).


Peckhams (1895, 1898) studied Trypoxylon rubrocinctum Peck. and T. albopilosum Fox, where females utilize existing burrows in woodwork or masonry that have been abandoned.  T. rubrocinctum provisions its cells with 7-12 spiders, while T. albopilosum, being larger, requires 25-30.  Prey may represent many genera and even families, although the majority usually are in the Epeiridae.  An egg is laid on the side of the abdomen's dorsum of the last spider placed in the cell (Clausen 1940/1962).


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