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HYMENOPTERA, Tiphiidae (Leach 1815) - (Vespoidea)  --  <Images> & <Juveniles>


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Description & Statistics


          Commonly known as Tiphiid wasps or flower wasps this is a family of large solitary wasps whose larvae are almost parasitoids of beetle larvae, particularly  those in the superfamily Scarabaeoidea.


          Most species are small, but some range to 32 mm in length.  Females of some subfamilies (e.g., Brachycistidinae, Diamminae, Methochinae, and Thynninae) are apterous  They seek out beetle larvae on or in the ground, or (in one species) mole crickets. The prey are paralysed and an egg is deposited upon it so the wasp larva has ample food. In winged species, males are similar in size to the females, but are more slender. The males of species with wingless females, are usually much larger than the females and have wings.  Adults feed on nectar and thus serve a small function in pollinators. When attacking pest scarab species on the ground some of these wasps are thus beneficial in biological control.


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