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          These are called "minute brown scavenger beetles," which are found in moldy places and debris and occasionally on flowers.  Adults of Enicmus minutus L. feed extensively on the beech scale, Cryptococcus fagi Baer, in England.  The South American Coccidophilus citricola Brethes, is predatory in its active stages on diaspine Coccidae (Flanders 1936b).  Females lay their eggs beneath the host scale covering, and hatching occurs in 8-9 days.  The larvae feed for 10 days, but the stage persists for 13-20 days.  They pupate in crevices, and adult beetles emerge 5 days later.  The life cycle from egg to adult is 27-35 days at 24-27°C. (Clausen 1940/62).


          Latridiidae is a family of very small (1.1-3.4 mm) mycophagous and myxomycophagous beetles.  At present, the family includes 35 genera and approximately 1100 species (including fossil taxa).  Latridiidae is divided into 3 subfamilies (2 extant and 1 extinct):  Latridiinae, Corticariinae and Tetrameropsinae.  Although latridiids are best known from the temperate regions of the world, the family is truly cosmopolitan with several genera widely introduced as stored product pests (e.g., Corticaria, Melanophthalma, Latridius).


          Many latridiid adults and larvae feed on the conidia and hyphae of fungi, while a small number of species are specialists on myxomycete spores (Lawrence 1982, Lawrence 1991, Andrews 2002, Hartley and McHugh in press).  Adults are most often encountered during the wetter seasons of the year and are frequently collected by beating decaying vegetation and by Berlese funnel extraction from sifted leaf litter.  They are also occasionally collected in pitfall traps and light traps.  Some species are known to be associated with the litter in nests of Neotoma wood rats (Hartley et al. 2007, Hartley and McHugh in press).  At least 30 widespread species have been listed as stored product pests of humans (Hinton 1941), and one species, Eufallia seminiveus Motschulsky was reported to bite humans (Parsons 1969).


          Adults are quite small in size and brown to blackish with an elongated body shape.  Adults of the various subfamilies are easy to distinguish.  Some species are apterous or nearly so, and they may be a reduction or complete loss of eyes.


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