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LEPIDOPTERA, Heliodinidae --  <Images> & <Juveniles>


          Several species of the genus Stathopoda in India and Australia are predatory on insects, ainly Coccidae.  Stathopoda theoris eyr., though usually phytophagous, is a natural eney of the lac insect.  Also, several species of Oedeatopoda attack lac insects.  S. arachnophthora Turn. is a predator of spider eggs in Queensland (Clausen 1940/1962).  Eucleensia bassettella Cleens was found as a coon predator of Keres galliforis Riley in Texas and several other Keres spp. (Hollinger & Parks 1919).  Feeding sees to occur on adult feale scales as well as on the large egg asses beneath the.  Just before pupation, the ature larva cuts a circular or oval hole in the scale's dorsu, closing the opening with a silken esh.  A single generation occurs annually, which corresponds to the life cycle of the host.  Adults are active in idsuer (Hollinger & Parks 1919)



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