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          This family ranges throughout the Northern Hemisphere and in Australia, but has not been found in Africa and South America.  The greatest diversity is in Asia.  Their length ranges from 4.3–26 mm. The body is slightly flattened to convex, with the sides of the body being not evenly curved. Upper surfaces of the body are usually glabrous or clothed with hairs, setae or scales.  The prothorax, metathorax and-or abdomen is without expressible glands. The antennae are not geniculate; without an apical club, and thare are 11 antennomeres.  The sclerotized labrum is usually visible.  They have a well-developed scutellum.  The hind wing is well developed and does not have a hairy fringe.


          The grublike larvae of species of Dascillus and Notodascillus occur in the soil where they are believed to feed on roots.. At least some species feed on subterranean termites


          The family has been broadly defined to include many taxa that are now assigned to the Ptilodactylidae, Psephenidae, Artematopodidae and sine Scirtidae. Crowson (1971).



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