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                  About the Author:  Robert D. Morritt



Robert Morritt was born in Carlisle, Cumbria.  He is a historian, musicologist and author.


     As a student he wrote for a local newspaper in South Wales on the progress of archaeological   excavations then underway on an Iron Age settlement at Cwrt-Yr-Ala Park near  near Dinas Powys, South Wales. Later he studied prehistory and early agriculture at the University of Manchester also Communications and Business Management at the University of Toronto. 


As a child, he read a lot, and would often wonder when he saw an ancient inscription:  What did the inscription mean?  How did these people sound when they spoke?  What intrigued him most were ancient ogam inscriptions near where he lived at Neath, in South Wales.  He later discovered it was Irish ogam.  The area was an ancient thoroughfare for Irish merchants who traded Celtic gods as well as items they had received in trade from Phoenicians and European Celts.


       Many years later after he had moved to Canada, he was intrigued by the find at Peterborough in Ontario of ancient ogam inscriptions and Petroglyph scenes (depicted within these pages) and of other finds within Canada also in the United States that show there was an abundance of European visitors to North America in the archaic and pre-archaic era.


       Within these pages are accounts of the discoveries of their artifacts, which show that North (and Central and Southern America) were a hive of activity by off-continent visitors and migrants many hundreds of years before the "Columbus" voyages.


       The Siberian migratory route theory now is supplemented by evidence of an East to West migration during the European Glacial inter-stadial period.  Apparently the Clovis people were not of Siberian or local indigenous extract, but rather they were among the first Europeans in North America.


          This account presents factual material supported by the efforts of professional archaic and lithic specialists, archaeologists and others.


"Thus speak the stones, when all other things are silent." -- Linnaeus


"SPEAK, ye stones, I entreat!  Oh speak, ye palaces lofty!" -- Goethe


OLD WELSH PROVERB = Nid rhy hen neb I ddysgu (= There's none too old to learn).


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       Robert Morritt has for many years since his tenure with the National Museum of Wales as a young student with encouragement by the late belated Dr. Hubert Savory has been a keen historian with earlier emphasis on the Iron Age in Wales and the search for evidence of early settlements with emphasis on an Iron Age settlement at Cwrt-Yr-Ala near Dinas Powis in South Wales. Morritt was the youngest member of the Cardiff Archaeological Society and he provided also many early numismatic ‘finds’ to Dr, Savory who examined material provided and often confirm Morritt’s postulations to be correct.


     Later Morritt was attached to the ‘extra-mural’ division of the University of Manchester and studied ‘Prehistory and Early Agriculture under the tutelage of the late much belated. Dr.John A.Hallam.


     Now retired from a long career, Morritt is devoting his time to placing his papers on the internet Site, is a site for academic and independent researchers to exhibit their observations and studies.


     Morritt’s studies are emphasized in the following short sample of his papers on Academia.Edu.


An Analysis of Ancient Mythology,  Ancient Migrations to the Americas,  Ancient Technology,  Beringia

Lost Civilisations -(Stone Circles and Megaliths in the New World!),  Stones That Speak , The Epigraphic Past

The Evolution of Languages,  The Pre-Lithic Era,  Wales and the Welsh People – History of Wales (from prehistory)

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   Author of 'Carson J. Robison', which appeared serialized (1979 through 1984) in the 'New Amberola Graphic' in the U.S.A. Cited in -Garland Reference Library of the Humanities-2004 and was also cited in the Routledge Guide to Music Technology (by Thom (sic) Holmes-Apr.4.2006.


     A long term member of the German Philatelic Society -London, England, and together with the late belated Alex-Vanags -Baginskis worked on studies of bilingual postmarks and the WW II, wartime Postal System in Latvia, Lithiania and Estonia featured in Morritt's presentation 'Deutsche Dienstpost-Ostland', featured in Academia.Edu on the internet together with his papers devoted to prehistory and archaic linguistic history..


Philatelic awards


MacMillan-Bloedel Cup- St.Thomas Philatelic Society. 


'Best of Show' 'Gold'-Cyrillic interpretations Yugoslavia and area 1998.

Previously 'Silver' for 'Germany-Feldpost and German Armed forces (WWII)


Works in Public Archives


Main Library-Archives -1978 Toronto Public Library

File: R. D. Morritt, of West Hill, Ontario-Archive number OCLC No. 317562558


Contents:  Discographies of; Billy Murray, Carson J. Robison, Arthur Francis Collins, George 'Byron' Harlan