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-- Ceibal

<arc540> --  Ceibal, Guatemala stela



-- Copán

<arc454> Honduras-- Ballcourt



<arc455> --  Copan, Honduras-- Building west of Ballcourt



<arc456> --  Copan, Honduras-- Pauhatun deity sculpture


<arc457> --  Copan, Honduras-- sculpture of a bird



<arc458> --  Copan, Honduras-- Eastern building Chack faces



<arc509> --  Copán, Honduras, Main Plaza




<arc541> --  Copán, Honduras, stela



<arc542> --  Ik deity, Copán, Honduras



<Htm/et. 126> -- Maize god from Copán, Honduras, dated ca. 700 AD (Shao 1976).



<Fig. 128> -- Stela at Copán, Honduras, dated 731 AD> -- Shao (1976) noted that the two joined heads with long snouts closely resemble the pair of elephants on the north gate of the Great Stupa, Stanci, India.



<Fig. 131> -- Elephant headdress with curled tusks and large ears on stela from Copán, Honduras, dated 756 AD (Shao 1976).



<Fig. 132> -- Relief sculpture on a building at Copán, Guatemala, dated 750-782 AD (Stierlin 1981).



<Fig. 134> -- Stela from Copán, Honduras, dated from 782 AD (Shao 1976).




<Fig. 135> -- Copán, Honduras stela with Tibetan style beaded skirt, dated 782 AD (Shao 1976).




-- La Lima

<Fig. 43> -- Dark jade

sculpture,ca 3 1/2 in. high,

from La Lima, Honduras, dated 400 1200 BC  (Kelemen 1956)



 -- Mosquitia

<Fig. 747>

Stone carving from Mosquitia area with human facial characteristics