Postdoctoral Researchers


We welcome applications of talented scientists to join the lab as postdoctoral researchers. Please contact Juan Pablo directly to discuss funding opportunities to either contribute to ongoing lab projects or pursue your own research. I will support and encourage applications to funding sources from the federal government, within the University of California system, and elsewhere. Please provide an updated CV, statement of intent, and contact information for three references.



Join the Lab

Graduate Students


We are looking for creative, highly motivated graduate students to join the Lab. Applicants can join the Giraldo lab through the programs of Botany and Plant Sciences, Material Sciences and Engineering, Cell Molecular and Developmental Biology or Microbiology. Interested candidates can contact Juan Pablo by email with their CV and statement of research interests. Applications for admission should be received through the UCR Graduate Division.

Undergraduate Students


Research projects in the lab have opportunities for hard working, talented, and enthusiastic undergraduate students at any level of their program. Students will work under the direct mentorship of a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher. Undergraduates available to work in the lab for multiple quarters should contact Juan Pablo. We are seeking students with backgrounds in plant sciences, material or chemical sciences and engineering, chemistry, bioengineering, physics, or biology and a strong motivation to learn and do research on plant biology and engineering using nanotechnology.


About UCR


UC Riverside is one of the ten campuses in the University of California system. Recognized as No. 27 among all institutions and No. 15 among public universities by Washington Monthly 2019. Ranked as the No.12 in the U.S. and No 9 among public universities by Money Magazine 2019. Counted among the Top 35 public universities in the country, UCR is America’s fastest rising ranked university according to U.S. News 2019 rankings.


UC Riverside is centrally located in southern California about 40 miles east of Los Angeles and 75 miles north of San Diego. The Pacific Ocean, San Bernardino Mountains, ski areas, and deserts are located within an hour drive.


Postdoc and Ph.D positions - Plant Nanobiotechnology


We have new openings for Ph.D. students and postdocs interested to work at the interface between nanotechnology and plant biology. Research will be performed collaboratively between the Giraldo Lab and industry partners for translating our targeted delivery of agrochemical nanotechnologies into the market, the Lowry Lab at Carnegie Mellon University or the NSF Center of Sustainable Nanotechnology for understanding interactions of nanomaterials with plants that impact the environment and agriculture.


Ideal applicants should have a background in either plant biology, chemical engineering, materials science or chemistry. However, students with other backgrounds are also encouraged to apply. We are looking for students and postdocs interested in developing cutting edge nanoparticle-based sensors, targeted delivery and controlled release of chemicals and biomolecules by nanoparticles in plants, or study nanoparticle interactions with plant biomolecules, model and cell biosurfaces. Prospective students should contact Juan Pablo Giraldo and provide an updated CV, statement of intent, and contact information for three references.


University of California, Riverside

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Juan Pablo Giraldo

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