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Fotofilmic, Summer 2022


2022, "Blue with Exceptions," AF Projects, Los Angeles, CA, 10/15-11/30

2022, "John Divola." Yancy Richardson Gallery, NY, NY . April 16th - May 21.  pdf


2022, John Divola & Frederick Sommer, Heroes Gallery, NYC, 1/6 - 2/9 link link



2022, "The Intimancy of Distance, Marshall Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 9/10-10/27

2022, "Lonesome Crowded West: Works From MOCA's Collection," MOCA, Los Angeles April 24th - Feb. 19th, 2023. Link

2022, "Considered Interactions," April 16th-May 28, Casemore Kirkeby Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2022, "Blow Up," Saint George Street Gallery, London, UK, April 9 -May 14th

2022, "A History of Photography: Selections From the Museums Collection," The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, March -August 7th 2023.

2022, "Nocturnal," curated by Joey Morris, Torrance Art Museum, Torrence, CA, & Fellows of Contemporary Art, LA, CA. January 22- March 12

2022, "The Constructed Photograph," Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA, ongoing



Divola, John. "Scapes," Skinnerboox, 2022  

Divola, John, "Terminus," Original Artwork,, Mack Books, 2021  Link

Divola, John, "Chroma," 80 pages, Skinnboox, 2020 Link review review


PUBLICATIONS AND REVIEWS (web based reviews in another catagory below)

Choke Magazine, "Being John Divola," 2022, pdf

"Palace of Rubble," book, poems by Kyra Simone, Photographs by John Divola, Tenement Press, 2022.

Smith, Roberta, "John Divola," New York Times, Review of Yancy Richardson Exhibition, May 6th, 2022, 2022_Divola_NYT

Ritter, Zack, "John Divola: Swimming Drunk," Brooklyn Rail, pdf

Juxtapose Magazine, "John Divola: Swimming Drunk," April 2022 link

Morton, Ava, Review of "Considered Interactions," Casemore kirkeby, SF, CA, 48Hills, May 2022  Link

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