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Energy Lecture

Student visitors from Taft Elementary
at a "college-style" lecture.

Adopted School: Taft Elementary RUSD, Riverside, CA

Target: K-6, with emphasis on 1st, 3rd & 4th grades

Inception Date: 2006

Goal: Develop a sustained relationship with Taft to foster a consistent message across grades:

anyone can go to college,
a University of California is in the neighborhood & is open to all,
& chemistry is a foundational science.


Taft is a Title I school, where ~75% of the student population is socio-economically disadvantage and/or first-generation college bound.  When we first visited Taft in 2006, we noticed two things right off.

1. Most of the students had a hazy understanding that a University of California was in the neighborhood.  And none undesrtood that they could visit the UCR campus anytime, to enjoy the Botanic Gardens, have lunch, watch a basketball game, or simply just walk or bike around with their families.

2. Kids love explosions (via popping ballons).


Our Activities Include:

Scientific Method 3rd & 4th Grades:

Kicks off the Science & Engineering Fair while celebrating National Chemistry Week.
Taft went from having a handful of posters to >90% Fair participation!


States of Matter Demonstration 1st Grade

Energy & Matter Demonstration 3rd Grade

LN2 ice-cream, frozen roses & bananas, and popping

Solar Powered cars & a few popping balloons

Tour of UCR 4th Grade

Includes tour of Orbach Science Library courtesy of Mrs. Potter,
tour of Earth Science Museum with museum scientist Dr. Miller-Camp ,
"college-style" science lecture with Prof. Bardeen,
& best of all, Lunch at Lothian. Thanks to Ms. McGowan for the extra desserts when we visit!

NEW: 2016-2017
Sunwise Schoolwide

This year we are leading the Sunwise programat Taft to
teach the science behind sun protection. Added benefit: the school
can apply for a shade structure grant through the American Academy of Dermatology!