Plum blossom
Titanium nanofiber
Magnetic polymer microspheres
Lofty Mountain
Landscape of self-assembled nanoparticles
Baked Cupcakes
Polymer beads assembled on micropatterns
Crystal Flowers
Overgrown Ag nanoplates
Coral Reef
Magnetically assembled microspheres
Golf Balls
Microspheres with engineered surface
Magnetic assembly of nanorods
Crochet Lace
Seeded growth of metal nanoplates
Nano Flowers
Nanoparticle assemblies
Magic Forest
Template-assisted synthesis of nanotubes
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Welcome to the Yin group

We are interested in the synthesis and functionalization of nanostructured materials - a class of new materials with at least one dimension at the nanometer scale. These materials are sometimes referred to as 'artificial atoms' because their physical properties can be widely and easily tuned by controlling their composition, size, shape, crystal structure, surface property, and configuration of assembly. Our research is focused on understanding the formation and properties of nanostructures, designing nanostructure-based functional materials, and fabricating novel catalytic, electronic, and photonic devices. Specifically, our research topics include:

  • Synthesis and surface functionalization of colloidal inorganic nanostructures
  • Self-assembly of nanostructures
  • Smart (responsive) materials
  • Functional composite nanomaterials
  • Nanostructured materials for catalysis and environmental remediation
  • Nanostructured electronic, photonic, and energy devices
  • Nanostructured materials for biomedical applications
  • Colloidal and interface chemistry
  • Nanoscale fabrication using unconventional methods


Fabruary 2018

Wenjing Xu received the 2017 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad.

January 2018

"2017 Highly Cited Researcher" is presented to Professor Yadong Yin in recognition of ranking among the top 1% researchers for most cited documents, in their specific field.

December 2016

Professor Yadong Yin was chosen as one of the recipients of the NML Researcher Award 2016 by the journal of Nano-Micro Letters in partnership with the Nature Research Society.

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Group contact info: University of California, Department of Chemistry, Pierce Annex Hall, Rms 304 & 307, Riverside, CA 92521 Tel: 951-827-3429 Fax: 951-827-4713