Zhong Research Group
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About us
Zhong Research Group
Department of Chemistry
University of California
Chemical Sciences Rm 221
Riverside, CA 92521
Email: wenwan.zhong@ucr.edu
Tel: 951-827-3532
Fax: 951-827-4713
The Zhong group has two main research programs: bio-sensing and bio-separation. The bio-sensing program aim to improve the detectability of biomarkers from three aspects: (1) developing novel signaling strategies;(2) integrating sample preparation and detection on microchips; and (3) searching for the most effective affinity probes. The bio-separation program focuses on applying separation techniques to study protein-protein and protein-nanoparticle interactions.

Financial Support

R21ES017870-01A1 NSF CAREER 2011

Major Instruments

LC-MS/MS (Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap) Asymmetrical Flow Field Flow Fractionator (F2000, Postnova, Inc.)

Most Recent Cover Articles

Mechanistic Study on the Reduction of SWCNT-induced Cytotoxicity by Albumin Coating. Protein Binding for Detection of Small Changes on Nanoparticle Surface.

Please contact Dr. Zhong if interested in joining our group.

Latest news

March 24, 2015
Dr. Jon Ashby (graduatedin 2014) has received the 2015 Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. This fellowship highly selective, and only 18 individuals are awarded this year, after a national competition administered by the National Research Council (NRC) on behalf of the Ford Foundation.

Sep 30, 2014
Welcome our three new group member, George(Chemistry), Jiwon(Chemistry) and Zhe(Etox Program)!

Sep 12, 2014
Yang passed his Ph.D qualify exam in Etox program, congratulations!

June, 2014
Shang and Jon received their Ph.D degree in Chemistry. Congratulations and wish them really a bright future!

April, 2013
Shang Zeng received the 2013-2014 Dissertation Year Program Fellowship from the Chemistry Department.Congratulations to Shang!

July 07, 2012
Lei Ren received his Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology. Congratulations and wish you a bright future, Lei!

June 12, 2011
Jimmy Vo received the 2011 Kuwana-Sawyer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. This award is given to undergraduate students who conduct excellent research in the field of Analytical Chemistry.Jimmy totally deserves this award because he works hard while dealing with a heavy class load. Congratulations, Jimmy!

June 12, 2011
Ni Li received her Ph.D. in Chemistry. Several of us attended the commencement and witnessed Wenwan place the doctoral hood for Ni, which signifies her success in completing the graduate program. Ni is the first Ph.D. from our group and it was quite a moving moment for all of us. Wish you a bright future, Ni!

April 15, 2011
Lei Ren received the 2011-2012 Dissertation Year Program Fellowship from the Environmental Toxicology Program. Congratulations to Lei.

April 5, 2011
Jonathan Ashby received the 2011 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Keep the good work going, Jon!

Jan 10, 2011
Wenwan received the 2011 NSF CAREER Award for her work on cation exchange in nanocrystals for biosensing. Click to see the award abstract.

Zhong Research Group, Department of Chemistry, UCR
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