Vivek Aji


Associate Professor

Department of Physics & Astronomy

University of California Riverside

Riverside, CA 92521

Office: 951-827-7302


I am a condensed matter theorist with the department of Physics and Astronomy at University of California Riverside.

The overarching goal is to understand, predict and exploit the collective behavior of a large number of interacting particles. The recognition of the failure of reductionism to capture the emergent behavior in many body systems is an important milestone in Physics. What new phenomena and phases of matter arise due to the interplay of interactions, quantum mechanics and large numbers are the questions we address in our group. There is no specific material, technology or methodology that unites our interests. This is characteristic of a theorist working in an empirical field driven by experimental developments. Our research pages (a work in progress which I hope to update regularly) provide details of specific projects and our major contributions.