Modernity's Histories in Global Context

Spring Quarter Workshop:

Globalities and Marginalities: Perspectives on Boundaries and Identities in the Early Modern and Modern World

Tentative Program, April 5-6. This program is tentative and preliminary, and is almost certain to change. Paper titles given with "//" preceding them are descriptions or working titles, rather than actual titles. After March 25, the abstracts for many of the papers will be accessible directly from this webpage.

NOTE: Clicking on a name will take you to the abstract; clicking on a paper title will take you to the paper.
Updated March 31, 1997.

9:00 AM Opening: William Hagen, Ray Kea, Edmund Burke, Doug White


9:30 Krista Harper, Anthropology, UCSC: //Revising World-Systems Theory from an Eastern European Environmental Perspective
10:00 Doug White, Social Science, UCI: Simulating Modernity's Histories: Testing Theories of Embeddedness, Effects of Differential Class Formation, Ownership, and Decision Making
10:30 Sudipta Sen, History, Beloit College and UCB: Of Markets and Marketplaces: Reconsidering Margins of the Early Modern World Order and Colonial Rule in India
11:00 Thomas Burr, History, UCD: Conceptualizations of World History: Globalization, World System Theory and the One Humanity
11:30-12:00 General discussion

ROUNDTABLE 1: Inventing and contesting the "nation" in modernity

[Joan Canty, English, UCR: Jonathan Swift's Ambivalent Identity as English Colonist and Irish Patriot: The "Colonizer who Refused" (NOTE: Joan Canty will not be able to attend the conference. Those interested in her paper should contact her at the English Department, UCR)]

Janet O'Shea, Dance, UCR: Problematizing the Old in the New: Originality and Origin in Bharata Natyam
Eileen Otis, Sociology, UCD: The Gender Politics of Chinese Nationalism: The New Culture Movement's Response to the Woman's Question
Estee Neuwirth, Sociology, UCD: The Limits of National Identity: A Comparative Case Study of Representations of Ethiopian Jews in Israeli Society

Moderator: Augustin Kposowa, Sociology, UCR

12:00-1:30 LUNCH (We will provide box lunches to eat around the Highlander Hall pool, budget allowing)


1:30 Ralph Crowder, Ethnic Studies, UCR: //the development of maroon communities in the New World
2:00 Colin Fisher, History, UCI: Anglophilia and the American Landscape: Frederick Law Olmstead, the California Landscape, and Memories of England
2:30 Augustin Kposowa, Sociology, UCR: //Racism in Western Society

3:00-3:30 Break -- Cookies and Sodas


3:30 Edgar Butler, Sociology, UCR: Globalization of the Mexican economy (joint project with James B. Pick, Business, University of Redlands)
4:00 Richard Weiner, History, UCI: National Symbols, Magonismo, and the Mexican Revolution
4:30 Chris Erickson, UCD: Shock Wave: Transnational University Based New Left Revolts March-October 1968 in the United States, France and Mexico

ROUNDTABLE 2: Finding identities on the margins of modernity

Jennifer Brezina, English, UCR: Women, Public Spaces and Modernity: Maggie on the Street
James Curiel, Sociology, UCD: The Pride and the Prejudice: Comparing Eurocentric Social Evolution with Native American Literature
Rob McCoy, History, UCR: Christianity and the Modern Project in European and Native American Contexts
Deena Mauldin, English, UCR: Women Warriors and Reigning Monarchs

Moderator: Ray Kea, History, UCR

6:30 PM: Dinner: Bombay Restaurant, Riverside (walking distance from conference site). Spicy and Mild, Meat and Vegetarian dishes will be provided. Cash bar.

SUNDAY, April 6


9:30 Opening: Coffee and pastries
10:00 Ray Kea, History, UCR: The question of travel: West Africa and the political and cultural economy of displacement in the early modern world
10:30 Carole Fabricant, English, UCR: //Travel theory: Post-colonial perspectives and critiques
11:00 Devra Weber, History, UCR: //transnational migration
11:30 Cathryn Clayton, Anthropology, UCSC: Notes Towards a New History of the Origins of Macau
12:00 Closing discussion

Vans depart Highlander Hall for Ontario Airport, 1:00 PM (tentative, depending on travel plans)