UC Colloquium on Early Modern Central Europe

The goal of the colloquium is to organize and sustain an annual interdisciplinary workshop for graduate students and faculty of the UC System who work in any aspect of late Medieval and early modern Central Europe. The primary focus will be on the German-speaking world, though contiguous areas such as the Low Countries, Bohemia, and northern Italy (roughly the extent of the Holy Roman Empire) will be considered as well. The era covered will stretch from the fourteenth century (roughly the beginning of Early New High German) into the nineteenth century.

The colloquium is organized by Thomas A. Brady (History, UC-Berkeley), Peter H. Reill (History, UC Los Angeles), David Sabean (History, UC Los Angeles), and Elaine Tennant (German, UC Berkeley).

The 2004 Colloquium, the Eighth UC Colloquium on Early Modern Central Europe took place April 16-1, 2004 at UC-Berkeley.

Coordinated and sponsored by the Institue of European Studies, UC Berkeley, and the Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies , UC Los Angeles. 

Of related interest: Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär, a conference group on early modern interdisciplinary studies in German-speaking central Europe, is holding its fourth triennial conference, meeting at Duke University in April 2005. FNI president Randolph Head is also a member of the UC colloquium.

Members of the Colloquium   (Please contact Randy Head with updates or changes)

Program of the 2nd annual Colloquium, Berkeley, May 10-12, 1996

Program of the 3rd annual Colloquium, Los Angeles, April 19-20, 1997

Program of the 4th annual Colloquium, Berkeley, May 9-10, 1998

Program of the 5th annual Colloquium, Los Angeles, April 25-26, 1999

Program of the 6th annual Colloquim, Berkeley, April 28-29, 2001

Program of the 7th annual Colloquium, Los Angeles, March 1-2, 2003

Program of the 8th annual Colloquium, Berkeley, April 16-18, 2004

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