Demonstration of principle: some examples of VCE + PCR of single nematodes

Marine nematodes are often considered the most challenging research subjects in terms of difficulties with collection, manipulation and identification.

As such, they also stand to provide the greatest scientific gains from combined morphological and molecular methods for identifying single nematodes.

This page shows examples of nematodes that were succesfully transported back alive to the lab, for morphological recording with a VCE system prior to DNA amplification.

Click here for details and gels with PCR products from these nematodes

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Sample SFBCMX-051102-A1


Specimen 5P8K2: Epacanthion sp.

Sample DABCMX-071102-C2

movement at 10x1x1x

Specimen 9I8K2: Tricoma sp.

Specimen 11P8K2: Pselionema sp.


Specimen 5I8K2: Odontophoroides sp.

Specimen 7I8K2: Xyala sp.


Virtual specimens prepared by Melissa Yoder, Irma T. De Ley and Paul De Ley

copyright 2002